As usual, post on my blog is never current. Others writing about #Budget2014 and mad scenes happened in Kuala Lumpur, where people suddenly turned crazy, shooting an innocent bank officer at the vault room before he got away with the cash and, another one –  a guy went frantic and stabbed 2 innocent public at commuter station.

Well, for those type of story/ news, my advice is – you can just turn to the news paper and TV news for proper journalism and accurate fact. Not blog. Oh well, it went viral on Facebook quicker than light. Im not surprise if one day people stop watching TV news or read news paper since they can get it all from Facebook.

Anyways, I believe it happen in every city. or maybe Beijing is worse. But China are very smart to block Facebook and Google so that their people unable to act smart as us, Malaysian.

Just like any other capital city in South East Asia, Beijing no better than other in term of traffic jam and haze. Forget about wearing a jacket and wollies during autumn or fall in Beijing. The haze you’ve seen, is not a cool, fresh mist, but, smoke. So, you all can berangan winter sonata here only during winter season.

High rise building of commercial and residential are at the same area, just like Kuala Lumpur, makes the city never sleep. Instead of people going out of city area after working hours, here, people are going in.

I understand if the country has small land to have a great town planning. But vast country like China, (with development and economy constantly expanding) why can’t they planned it better than Kuala Lumpur? Make the city center for just commercial and offices and out skirt is a residential. That, might improve the traffic flow.

However, Beijing has interesting architecture design for its commercial building. I don’t have a chance to visit Beijing CBD except Tiananmen Square area, but the first thing I noticed about Beijing is the shape of its building.



Above picture is the condo/ Apartment building


And another landmark is the making.


Just like Tuktuk in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam, Beijing has its own TIN tuktuk on a three wheel motorcycle. It’s really small, can fit one person.

..and oh, I manage to visit its Bird Nest’s Olympic Stadium too (look at the haze). Well, you can only mingle and take picture 500 meters radius from the stadium. Forget about touching it. It seems like Beijing Olympic Stadium is the new Forbidden City now.

Petrol is very expensive in China. The main public transportation here like bus and subway, are powered by electric. In some area, instead of having a blue skies or skies with thick haze, you will see nets of electric wire above you when you look up.

Motorcycle here powered by batteries. So do the bicycle.

But, hey! they has a very cute bicycle design too. One for the her


and one for the him  😀
Look at the paddle. Effin’ cute.

And in Beijing, you can’t get away from the street sellers. Be it foods, fruits and souvenirs. But Beijing is no third world country. You won’t be seeing little kids forcing, following you to buy useless knicks knacks. I don’t see they use little children to sell stuff. Street sellers in Beijing don’t force you to buy the way Indonesian do. But once you bargain, they will tried their best to make you buy the stuff they are selling. They haggle you back once you start haggling.

But you don’t haggle on fruit seller though. That rock melon is too cheap already for you to haggle. MYR 2 per piece. I got nothing to say if you ask for more discount for fruit like that. Come on, they need to eat rice too.

It was the biggest, juiciest and SWEETEST rock melon I ever had in my entire life. Once slice of that can really filled up my stomach just like a lunch do!

Islam reached in China 1400 years ago during Tang Dynasty. The first and the oldest mosque was built in Canton (Guangzhou) during Tang era. And since then, it spread all over China, including Beijing.

We stopped at Fayuan Mosque for Dzhur prayer.

The next day, we visited the Muslim community area, Niujie street and able to perform the solat at the oldest mosque in Beijing.

Was built in 996 during Liao Dynasty – is the biggest and oldest mosque in Beijing. The mosque covers approximately 10,000 square meters area, made mainly by timber. The architectural design is a mix of Islam and Chinese highlighted on every roof.

I learn that there is no animal carvings, symbol or animal resembles are allowed in Muslim’s house and any place where Muslims to perform the prayer. So I don’t know what Ulama’ has to say about the one built in China.


Because it has dragon carvings on every corner of the roof and walls.


But to me, this place feels peaceful somehow, despite of the historic design. It doesn’t matter how the place look like. What’s matter is the heart of the person who came to any House of God – is to connect with God or checking the surroundings?


No tutus in this area, please!


I took a quick stroll around the area, then suddenly this crowd caught my attention. At first I thought there were queuing for food order.

So I went closer and checked. Oh! Welfare Lottery? I googled about it. It sounded better than the lotteries we had in other countries. This lottery provide valuable welfare funds to the residents. But I don’t know how cheap is the cost to get the balls, or maybe it’s free?


Then we passed by a Chinatown. Chinatown in China? How redundant is that? Beijing is not China enough until it need a Chinatown? I am confuse.

Last but not least, Beijing is a shopping heaven. It’s a heaven for those who has the crazy gut to bargain. Our tour guide taught us to slash it into half. And still, half price is still gave this sellers a good profit margin. So, 70% discount is nice. But beware, if the bargain price is too ridiculous and you do it for fun, the next thing you know that other sellers in the next shop stop attending to you at all. They communicate to each other via phone text. Or maybe they snap your picture while you walk out from their shop and send it to the entire building to ignore you. How about that?

China are very well known of its fake / imitation goods production. However, this not apply to their handiwork art. Their skills is like.. level 9999.9.

All in all, visiting Beijing or any part of China by tour package can be boring. You had to go the unnecessary places which make your time is very limited to observe and learn the essence of the culture. OH I HATE THE COMPULSORY STOPS! It is SO COMPULSORY, they made us sit down in every room like a classroom and hear them talk.The Jade shop, Silk Shop, Crystal Shop, Tea Shop, Pearl Shop, Bamboo Charcoal Shop, Medicine Shop – Can you imagine how many shop we had to stop and being brainwashed and forced to buy their stuff? It is so many, until I don’t have money left to buy a cheap fake Ralph Lauren shirt for my boyfriend.

They made you believe that you can get the stuff with that PRICE only here in Beijing. So buy NOW or you will regret. Dafuq.

I think those compulsory stop shops, classroom lookalike is good to test your high is your defensive level in blocking people to convince you on overpriced stuff. And I am an easy target, an easy victim.

If you think travel agent in your home country slit your throat by charging you expensive package tour? WAIT UNTIL you arrive Beijing then you will know.

Jangan cakap akak tak pesan korang.

The End. 

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