Biggie Moon Ever~!!!

According to the NASA, tonight will be the biggest full moon ever appear in year 2009 sky…

This is the picture taken oh – so – professionally by the Expedition 14 crewmember outerspace… Well… I ran out to my balcony..I want to have my own moon picture.. it might be the biggest moon ever appeared in my entire life perhaps..and i dont wanna miss it.. Here is my version.. my moon…

And why is the moon appear 14% bigger than usual.. high tide..low tide.. 29.5 days circle bla bla bla..ermms..please read it here > . Anyway.. whatever their explaination and description on that big star…to me.. it is just a moon..big, round, shiny ball…hanging in the sky..and when i feel sappy,,yes i do go out and find the moon to be looked at (when there is a moon lah)..and it made me smile. And i try to avoid to read further research by those scientist about one day this big star will explode and die.. it just a heartbreaking research report for me to read . After finish posting this, I decided to continue watching the moon from my bedroom.. dont really dare to go down stairs to have the moon-bathing since there might be a few warewolfs unleash and roaming around the town tonight. This is moon by my bedroom window pane…Lovely.

Good Night.



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  1. Jeemee Tan

    January 12, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    Thats a nice view of the moon from your window. šŸ™‚

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