Brazillian Taste~

Work call again. This time at ParkRoyal KL. Few selected agents were invited to their GM cocktail @ BossaNova cafe and we were invited. Thanks to Mr. Izuddin for his warm welcome and interesting tactical promo for the room rates~!!

Well, that is not what I wanted to brag. But it is the food that I’ve had during the cocktail. I tried enuff oriental, Mediterranean, Arabian and not to mention western (this one very boring lah), and this time is Brazillian style~!! Anyway, I didnt manage to take a lot of pictures since the cafe in a dim light and I was busy chatting with the hoteliers (working call duh..) and sorry for the badly taken shoot (using my nokia 5800 anyway..)

I tried a lil’ bit of everything, Zucchini, sauteed mushroom, grilled cherry tomatoes, lamb stew in a sweet potatoes and mash potatoes. I know the food sounded western but it cooked in Brazillian style. Tell you.. the mash potatoes was dammmmnnnnnn yummy.. never had such tasty mash potatoes like it before. And the Zucchini.. aaahhh…delicious.

The food cooked in very healthy way I guess..grilled and use alot of virgin oil. Actually they have more than 20 varieties that night.. but I just couldnt take it all in…(malu..)

These are 3 of brazillian dessert with super cute name. From left – Bolo de Rolo, Brazillian pumpkin cake (taste a bit like carrot cake) and Marie bon bon (kekeke). I like the bon bon sound.

And while enjoying the Brazillian meal, we were entertained by this nice lady…

So.. wanna experience some Brazillian (beside the wax and the guys…) just come to BossaNova cafes, ParkRoyale KL… “and I dont care how u get here.. get here if u cannnnnn..” as sang by that nice lady.



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  1. Siti Rohana

    April 4, 2009 at 8:54 am

    wah..nice loo…u always makan2….need to replace the lost platelet( from dengue ) last time…hoho

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