Butterfly Dream.

I woke up this morning realized that I had a weird dream. I never dreamed about butterflies in my whole life. It seemed surreal and it felt like it was not a dream at all. Me, laying on my bed, opened my eyes just like other morning and there, I saw a lot of butterflies, colorful butterflies mixed with giant moths on my bedroom ceiling and wall.

It sits closely to each other and sometimes moved its wings a little. It was so beautiful with striking colors..yellow.. pink.. glowing green and some are black… I reached for my mobile phone to capture the bizarre but beautiful moment, my mobile phone freeze on me.

While I was struggling to get my phone to work, those butterflies and moths flew out through my bedroom window one by one..starting with the biggest one.. and then the smaller one. So I just watched it flew out with sadness and thinking who’s going to believe me of what I just saw.

Few seconds later, I woke up and staring at my bedroom ceiling. Empty. I questioned myself, was it a dream? or there were real butterflies up there just now?

On my way to office, I can’t stop thinking about it. What was the meaning of it? I hope those butterflies did not represent my colorful dreams and wishes that I have for myself. I am a day dreamer and I wish a lot of things. And if that dream is trying to tell me that all my dreams and wishes are leaving me, I will be the saddest person in December.



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