Cambodia – Siem Reap

Had our decent breakfast before we leave Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.

Here is what I always do. When I visit a country, I always try to visit 2 cities or more at the same time. You don’t have time to fly in to one country twice if you have a target to visit ALL 2,469,501 cities in the world by age 50. In my previous trip to Japan, I made 4 visits – Osaka, Tokyo, Kobe & Kyoto in 10 days. When I 1st ventured into the world of travelling back in year 2009, I did HongKong & Macau in 4 days. I regretted my Vietnam visit though, I miss Hanoi.

Gearing up for 6 hours ride. No fancy outfit needed. It’s a bus ride for God sake!

I opted for buses and trains in between cities so that money can stretch more on good food, comfy accommodation and little shopping. Well, if you are some rich bastards or some “vacation whore” (a person who escorting strangers he/she know online. Bring nothing but a piece of pussy/ pair of balls) then, yep, go ahead with domestic plane or bullet train. But you will miss every details that lays between the 2 cities.

You can choose either boat, taxi or bus to reach Siem Reap from Phnom Penh city (vice versa). It took 7 hours to arrive Siem Reap by boat and 6 hours by bus. We decided to take a boat so that we can see the village along the Mekong river, however, the boat didn’t make the trip that day due to insufficient number of passengers. The boat need a “full house” trip.

Never mind that. There are plenty coach company run in Phnom Penh – you just need to choose the one that provide the newest and nicest coach. We chose Giant Ibis. It costs USD 13 per trip per person and it came with a small bottle of mineral water, a snack/bread and wifi on board.

It’s not like I don’t know where to put on what – well, the bottle is too small for the holder, I have my handbag on my lap, so I just try to maximize the use of space provided.

….and this is Mike’s definition of maximizing the use of space.

Never mind him.

I was entertained by the sights of ‘flooded’ Cambodia for the 1st few hours.

Sight of Floating village while we crossing the Mekong river. So I skipped Ton Le Sap visit in Siem Reap since I already got a picture of what it looks like.

We had 2 stops during this 6 hours journey. 1st was for toilet break and the 2nd one is for lunch break.

1 hour before arriving Siem Reap, I saw this green field which looks like a golf field at some resort. Actually it is not. It’s a paddy field. But the view was so refreshing, it helps stimulate your tired, sleepy eyes back to normal.

We had our TukTuk guy waiting for us at the bus station in Siem Reap and drove us to our hotel – Golden Temple Hotel.

It’s a 3 star boutique resort like hotel, however, it has a 5 star demeanor. Not because they served us a very refreshing kaffir lime juice with snacks sitting on fancy tray during our check in, but the way the staff greeting us, responding and feeding us with all of information that we need plus suggestion and unlimited smiles. They are very helpful and good in English too. There is nothing they can’t or this resort can’t do for you. Im not talking about morning/ wake up call service. NO. 

From arranging flight and bus ticket booking, tours and activities, navigating, safety and a whole lot more without charging us extra/ service fees. Trust me. I’ve been in one of Four Season resort property. But when it comes to this boutique resort, I think Four Season need more to learn from this small property that – excellent hospitality can come in a small price.

Not to mention the location is 5 minutes walk from great night life, free high speed internet in the room, free 1 hour Khmer massage  spa, picnic lunch, cooking class…. We had our GOLDEN EXPERIENCE with this property.

Our room not only comes with coffee & tea, flat tv screen, dvd player blah blah blah. 

But this 02 specific dvds on the table! I told the staff that escorted us to the room about how people on the streets trying to sell us these dvds with ridiculous price.. and now we can watch it for FREE! Yes, I did watch these two at night before I go to sleep. It is easier to learn about one place by audio visual compared to reading. No, don’t get me wrong. I still love reading, but audio visual left more impact to the imagination and faster understanding compared to reading.

I recommend this boutique resort to everybody! 

Freshen up and put on a piece I bought in Phnom Penh central market. I wanna feel this Kingdom!

Made a stop at Siem Reap Old Market. Since I had a few orders from my girlfriends on the stuffs I put on facebook earlier on. Pants, sandals, accessories… I can do this forever!

Pure Silver by Cambodia.

They even have all  kind of animals crafted in silver too.

And then we move to night market to check out what it has to offer.

Mostly are silver products

Just pretend you cry. You off with free fishy therapy 🙂

Siem Reap has it all. From highly valuable UNESCO world heritage site and lively nightlife are all in one small vicinity. If you are a true backpackers, you can do Siem Reap by foot and bicycle which costs you almost nothing.

If you ever wanted to visit Siem Reap, make sure you stay nearby spot that I circled on the map – where the restaurants, markets, ATMs & public transportation is a holler away.

It’s time for dinner. So we headed to Pub Street to find decent restaurant and a place to chill.

I love it here. I love it when it made me feel like home.

..and I noticed that crocodile dish is everywhere. It almost famous than chicken or beef. Anyways, Im not that gastronomic adventurer , and I told my BF that if he wish to try those exotic food, do it without me by his side. Make sure I do not know about it. Or else I would never kiss his lips again 🙁

So finally we found a restaurant which has no crocodile or snake on its menu.

We both love agreed on this restaurant just by looking at its name “AMOK”. Plus, Mike has this Amok madness attack and all he wanted is to eat Amok dishes again and again.

Khmer dinnerware and settings makes everything is so Khmer. I  wanted everything pure Khmer tonight.

Finally we choose the set for 02 which costs us about USD 28 or 38..(forgot) the set consists of 1) Khmer fried spring rolls for appetizer 2) Grilled beef on skewer 3) Khmer fish Tomyum 4) Khmer mango salad 5) Amok Chicken 6) Khmer Stir fried vegetables and a steam rice in banana leaf.  

Look at the food presentation! I don’t need to wait for honeymoon or birthday or anniversary to experience nice thing in life. Just find it and live in it.  

..and the taste wise – awesome. We love everything they served.

last but not least.. the menu comes with 5 different yoghurt ice cream sampler – Mango, Lotus, Pineapple, Lime and Passion fruit.   

This is what I gave them that day 🙂

I don’t make late night dinner or dinner after 8pm as a habit. But when I do, I go home and turn onto youtube and find the best work out for the sin that I have committed.

Here’s one to share with you. The best so far.

It’s easier to shed 1 kilo of the unnecessary rather 7! Her six packs inspired me.

P/S: I don’t work out to please other people with my figure. I work out to please myself when I look into the mirror – every morning, naked.

…to be continued.



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