CariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush Review and Giveaway!

Dentist visits can be very expensive if you don’t take your oral care seriously. I can say that, besides countless types and brands of toothbrushes, I started to give up on all toothpastes on the shelves. Drowned in the formula stated on the label, and still not satisfied with my teeth condition.

I am an avid coffee drinker. I can drink five cups per day and, you know coffee stains. And veneers? Out of the question! They are too expensive. Until, one day, Smile Brilliant reached out to me and allowed me an opportunity to try their CariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush.

I have been using a battery operated toothbrush from Spinbrush. I ditched manual toothbrushes many years ago and I thought I had the best brand at an affordable price among popular powered toothbrushes available.

I was given a week to try CariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush, twice a day. Let me tell you, on the first use, I felt like I just walked out from a dentist office appointment after a tooth scaling! Minus the pain and expense!

Now I understand what 40k is all about. It is the number of vibrations per minute, and thanks to this advanced technology, its benefits include:

Removes up to 7 times more plaque

Improve gum health in 2 weeks

2 times whiter teeth in a week

Besides 40 thousand vibrations per minute, what makes this toothbrush stand out is its Dupont Bristles and 5 brush mode. And, it even tells you to switch to a different quadrant of the mouth every 30 seconds with one quick pause.

It has 5 modes :

Clean – Standard mode for daily cleaning

White – Removing surface stains, polishing & deep cleaning (MY FAVORITE)

Massage – Gentle Pulsation Mode for gum Simulation

Gum Care – Cleaing along the gumline

Sensitive – Gentle cleaning mode for those have sensitive gums and teeth.

Each mode is designed to operate for two minutes with brief pauses between each 30 second burst. I can’t help myself to use all five modes sometimes because I love the buzzing feel in my mouth.

Not to mention the sleek shape that is just right for your grip.

The whole experience is new to me and it is so good. One thing I would like to see is an ability to change the pause time (in between 30 second bursts; maybe from one second to two or three) because it splatters all over my bathroom mirror since I can’t close my mouth quick enough while switching quadrant (or maybe I still need more time to familiarize with this).

If you are not satisfied with your current oral care, looking for a new kind of Toothbrush or just want to experience CariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush, you can check it out here.

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