China: Moldy Guilin pictures.

Thank God that we are still alive after 21.12.2012! I must admit that, I did woke up in the middle of the night of 21.12.2012, lay flat on my bed, waiting for what ever may come. And one thing I noticed that, it was a very quiet night, quieter than usual until I had to pinch myself to make sure I am still alive. Crazy huh? Although I am pretty sure that it was all exaggeration made by the superstitious believer towards The Mayan’s.. but I can’t help it not to get carried away after hearing and reading about 21.12.2012 since year 2010!

Anyways, here’s a few (?) pictures taken from my previous Guilin, China. ..and I learn that Guilin will be another trip with unfinished post 🙁

Ah, before that, some of you knew already that I have pets, kittens to be exact. Life with them is never be empty but yet, not stress free 🙁  I think I got myself cats from hell.

Sunday morning – This is what I woke up to;

I wonder why I couldn’t get into internet on my mobile. I figured out that connection sucks. But then I found out my 2 kitties ATE my phone cable, so it bring down the internet connection, my TV connection and phone line. I love you Bonnie & Clyde Mogwai! Not to mention they pooped on my bed, at the kitchen, scratches my red leather L shape sofa, crumple my shirts to the floor, tear up my umbrellas that I hang by the dining chair, broke the flower vase, scratches me when they think Im a part of the toy and the list goes on and on…

I was at the pet shop yesterday, in fact every week for the past few months (oh yeah, I am no longer be at fancy coffee shop & restaurant to hang out with fancy human being) to get the kitty food and bigger litter box. Then  there was a family sitting there splurging on 2 imported cats – proudly. I forgive them for still don’t have the awareness of “adopt instead of buying” pets. Maybe they don’t know what to do with their money until they are so close to turn their money into toilet paper. So, I tried to be all positive with all the reason why they buy, while there are a lot cute kitties at  animal shelters that longing for furever home. But then, suddenly this auntie talk to herself (but it seems like she was talking to me without looking at me. She knows I can hear her.) 
“last time was RM3000… but this time is cheaper.. only RM2000 for these cats… hmmm RM5000 just for cats..”
Suddenly I lost all my respect for all of her love towards the animals.

And, Im not planning to go back and forth to the pet shop every week. I don’t see myself doing that for a very long time because Im too busy and too tired to drive around and find parking lot just for a pack of cat foods. Yes, I love my kittens but Im not planning to be their slave while doing that. So I signed up to a few petshop online 🙂 for my convenience.

I do the price check and so far I like > The price for Royal Canin is cheaper that the petshop I went to and so the rest of pet necessities item. 

Their respond is fast and I find all what I want for my kitties here. And they will deliver it to your doorstep, within 24-48 hours through PosLaju.

Ok, back to Guilin pictures.

Visited Shangri-la Yangshuo, and somehow, description about this place  do matched my imagination BUT didn’t match my expectation. Slowly, I realized ‘A Must See’ list is not exactly ‘A Must See’ at all. It just an exaggeration solely for Tourism purpose. The best way for you to see and experience about one country is to get lost in it. Not by information written on the leaflet or ready made tour 🙁

Shangri-la means Eden, or any place of complete bliss and delight and peace as described by British author James Hilton in his novel “Lost Horizon“. Earthly paradise – a permanently happy land, isolated from outside world and people who libe at Shangri-la are almost immortal.

Yes, this place looks really enchanting inside the picture, even with minimum, novice photo editing skills. Well, I guess is the rows mountain karsts that makes Guilin always look appealing in any angle.

So we hopped into the boat which is just nice for all of us. For a “life time” experience river cruise in Shang-ri La

To me, passing through dark cavern like this during river cruise is pretty cool, though.

Realizing that those red flowers are plastics kind of frustrates me 🙁 

Up to this point I heard a tribal music. Feels like I was on my way to Tribal council to vote off one of the fucked up member in TV series show – Survivor.

Ah, it’s a dance performance from the tribe. But seriously, the girl dancers are sexy 😛 But I think I saw this kind of performance everywhere in theme park in Sunway Lagoon, A Famosa Resort Malacca.. so, this is just a staged act for tourists like me to see the glimpse of what “Shangri-la” is..

But when I saw this – real people washing their clothes by the river.. I think these people are not paid to put up a performance like this. However, it looks very real to me and I enjoy it.

The layout of man made Shang-ri la town.

..and, as usual..what is perfect town without stalls selling ornaments and souvenirs at the exit gate? Hhmpphh.

..this is what I hate about Full board, group package. You have to make a stop to the unnecessary places..and it got worse. It made me bought few unnecessary things at this unnecessary place.

We also made a stop at Muslim Village enroute to Merryland. Well, this stop is very necessary to those who are too comfortable living in their own country and yet still complain. While Malay Muslim in Malaysia can choose where to perform their solat, even banned certain mosque / madrasah due to incompatible political view, choose to perform their ibadah with certain group of people – but here, they were trying to get approval from the government of China to approve their proposal to built a decent mosque with their own money they collected and donation over the years!

with very basic amenities, no, I don’t see it as very basic – it is less than basic. No proper toilet, no clean water, not even TV – they welcomed us with smile and put us into shame by complaining how suck the food during the trip.

Interior of madrasah where they currently have. They slowly bought the bricks, the door and other stuff with the money they collected over the years and put it piece by piece.

Im so glad that with this kind of tour package, they get paid to prepare a decent meals for the group of tourists like us from time to time..and I bet they also get the chance to eat ‘lavishly’ every time they get a visit like this.

…at the end of the day, we collected money among us and donated it to this place.

I always tell people be grateful with what they have. But after I visited this place, I myself felt the real feeling of what grateful is, even more.

After a long bus ride, finally we arrived at Merryland Resort.

The room was spacious and super nice, but the journey and the sights I happened to experience myself at that Muslim Village tires  my mind and spirit. So my roommate and I decided to stay in our room and made ourselves a coffee and ate dutch cookies that we brought from home 🙁

Dinner at Merryland resort – Steamboat style.

So, we get to cook our own dinner for the 1st time.

Some local performances by hotel staff at the hotel lobby.

My roommate and I took a walk around this vast resort area, away from the group. When everybody enjoying explicit show at hotel’s pub, both of us called it a night.

Fell asleep with no dream that night.


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