Cold, wet Taipei – Day 1

Yep. I just came back from Taiwan with a flu. That’s the evidence how cold & wet Taiwan is.


I never got the chance to see the sun light during the whole stay, except the last day I was transferred to the airport. Dang, Taiwan hate my presence!

Speaking about hate & presence, I came to know that young girls at their 20’s really hate me, for real! Along this time I was the one who envy how smooth is their skin and perky butt, somehow, smooth skin & perky butt are not enough to make them feel great about their age. Mature girls with 1001 issues are still their biggest threat!

A 22 years old boy sent me a friend request in my facebook, which I thought he’s already in my buddy list. “my girl deleted you”. That’s his explanation. I was like “WTF?” because I remembered that I never had any public or private contact with this boy – I never commented any of his pictures or activities because they are too boring. Somehow his girlfriend manage to track and delete me off from her boyfriend buddy list. How funny is that? And she did the same thing again, few days after we re-buddy.

Young girl, let me tell you something – Im flattered with your act. Really. Knowing that your young ass unable to handle the presence of a mature girl like me, makes me feel grateful that I am always at the right age & phase. I am so right until you unable to digest the truth projected in front of you. It is a threat for you when your boyfriend having me in his circle of friends. You are afraid that, in your boyfriend’s mind – Im becoming a new standard of how a girl supposed to be. Well, finish your study, get your degree and earn your own money before you wanted to talk about standard. One thing is that, invading your boyfriend’s right & privacy is not sexy. It’s your lost to disconnect us because, maybe, I can let him know a secret or two of how to please a girl or you – is another thing. And boy, I wish you good luck with that. 

And yes, I know what’s annoyed you. I can switch my character and presence from a mature woman

Taiwan! 001

Ximen, Taipei

to a young girl like you (even cuter than you), back and forth without trying hard. HAHAHA.

So, back to my trip. This is my 1st ever package trip. I hate package trip because it made me clueless of where and what road I was at. Yes it was written inside the tour itinerary, but our tour guide keep swapped it up and down to accommodate the time with the program and the route taken. Just sat inside the van like a doll and let them bring me to the place where I can take a lot of pictures with limited time frame. Not cool! 

Taiwan! 6

Touched down at Taoyuan Airport at around 3pm and heading straight to Ying Zhen Hotel at Taoying Road. We checked in, checked whatever stuff we might need during the trip which is UMBRELLA and right back on the street by foot. We had our free & easy on the 1st day so the best to discover new place is by foot.

Ying Zhen 

Nothing interesting about this hotel except for their huge bed and located right in front of Watson. Their room kind of having a moldy smelly and they should improve on breakfast menu. 

Taiwan! 7

It was almost 7pm when we had Japanese for dinner. It’s cheap here because I can get a cup of steamed egg at Rm1.80

Taiwan! 8

You definitely need to travel with someone who can read & converse in Mandarin here, or else you’ll end up with pork leg in your dinner plate. Look at the price. It was 10.75 when I exchange MYR to NTD.

Taiwan! 9

News on typhoon attack in Taipei recently.

Taiwan! 10

Taiwan! 17

So.. as usual, I opt for fish, egg, salad and clear soup. Go Japanese! Easy choice when you are not so sure about anything.

Japanese food in taiwan

Taiwan! 056

So we strolled down the Taoying road until nowhere.. and we had to take a cab to go back to our hotel. Haha.

Taiwan! 19

So, it happened that I saw some Malay translation in some hair saloon along of street of nowhere. I was so excited and I had an urged that to pose in front of it.

Taiwan! 20

So I believed this streets are infested with immigrants. I was confused for a while and reminded myself that Im not in Vietnam.

Taiwan! 24

School kids displaying their raw talent in the subway.

Taiwan! 087

Night market in the streets of nowhere.

Taiwan! 26

I was so attracted to this super round guava and I know how crispy it is by looking at it. So my friend and I stopped by to check it out and what you know! 5 minutes later I left with free guava! There was a local Taiwanese guy busy checking me out and my medium size chest, up and down, left to right and left again. He kept asking my friend where were we came from and all. He insisted to pay for the guava even he looks like can’t afford to buy for himself! So, thank you Mr. smelly guy!

Taiwan! 29

Even fruit seller in Taiwan wearing a fake lashes! I hardly see any girls in here without fake lashes!

streets in taiwan

We walked further up for an hour until I had to get myself a rubber slippers. I was so tired and asked my friend to go back to our hotel and rest.. because we had to get up at 7am next morning for our next destination. I told you! I hate packaged tours!

Taiwan! 32

My cheesy sweet findings on my 1st night in Taiwan. This is from Milk Houses bakery nearby Taipei railway station. Photograph is not allowed at the shop so I can’t take any pictures to show you how fancy the shop is! It’s painted in black, with silver bird cage and grape vines hanging in every corner of the shop. The bread rack displayed like it’s Halloween and the breads looks superlicious! So I grabbed a piece of cheesecake, cheese tart, box of cookies and garlic bread. I need a serious energy for tour tomorrow!


-end of day 1. Will continue with day two, if I have a time. hehe.


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  1. Nava Krishnan

    May 21, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    Despite the weather, it must been a great experience seeing places and enjoying the food there.

  2. melmonica

    May 21, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    ohmygosh, reading your post makes me miss taiwan T____T

  3. Nisa'

    June 4, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    Aww, never been to Taiwan. Looks like you had a lot of fun there, except for the weather :[

  4. Independent Queen

    June 19, 2011 at 1:09 am

    @Nava: Yea, I started to enjoy the experience and the memories of it after I came back to KL!
    @melmonica: aawww..
    @Nisa’: We had fun 2 days before we left! I will tell you why in my next next post!

  5. rahmat

    June 22, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    just discover your blog…love readin it….full of life…cant wait 4 your next post..cepat la post x sabau ni

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