Cuddle my Ass!

*Krrringgg* Oh, that is the new sound of my mobile sms alert. No more Mariah Carey, No more N.E.R.D, No more disco tunes. I guess I just grew up (a little bit).

Midnight, while sobbing to the remnants of my break up episode, oh, Im not really into checking my mobile anymore. Because I knew, It wasn’t from him =(

Hi Normi, how are you?”  OMG! it’s from him! I mean, other him *argghh* The one from my “No Sex No Friendship” episode! after a year, What do he want again this time!

“I do remember you. Im feeling down at the moment and all I want is to cuddle someone. Can I ask a big favor you? I just need to feel a warm hug all through the night. I hardly talk about my problems, so at times I do feel alone. It’s ok Normi, thanks anyway”

What kind of problems that my cuddle could possibly cure his loneliness? His girlfriends got menopause? His fucking crew buddies busy fucking someone else? I willing to cuddle him if he is now switch into gay or he got a limp dick. Why I must trust someone who was trying to get me into a hotel room 1 year ago?

And what he take me for? 12 years old girl? He think I’ll buy his “Im feeling down at the moment” scheme? Yea, maybe his dick was down at the moment and so he need a warm object to bring it to life. Listen to me – why don’t you take your feeling – down – at –  the –  moment –  dick to your mum’s kitchen stove and re heat it.

“Too bad, Im not in town”
A cuddle was all he wanted. Sure or not….

Im sorry. I maybe an inconsiderate bad person because I ignore a friend in need. I can’t ease his loneliness when he needed me the most. Keep on trying & hope I will change to a better person. Sheesh, you dickhead.



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