Cute TwittButt.

Oh well, Sorry for the misspelling. It’s Twitter Buttons.

I don’t know, Im not that computer freakass. Maybe you guys already knew about this few years ago, and I finally manage to find it now. I’ve been wondering how these people got those cutey twitter , with pinkass colorful buttons and now I found it!!! and Im gonna share with you.

Aren’t they cute? The have cute buttons for Facebook too. Just go HERE to get yours and pay attention to mine. So DON’T copy the same okay? Hehe.

Im so jealous reading other people entry on how to design web la, how to do floating buttons la, I feel like a complete idiot by sitting in front computer 20 hours daily and yet know nothing about any program/application stuff tau. Very the idiot.

By the way, how to get those RSS cute icon eh? Can anybody guide me? lol. (see? what an idiot..)



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