Dalat Vietnam : Travel 1000 miles away just to prove that I’m crazy.

..and entitled myself to be registered into a mental asylum.

This is plain crazy and stupid. There is nothing jaw dropping sight over here and to me it just more or less like haunted house at cheap fun fair. Still in the middle of construction some more! That was so unfair!

I did read the other tourists and travel blogs profess about how unique this crazy house is… but still it failed to impress me. Only a few angle did shows that the spookiness of the architecture, and the rest are.. just plain creations and works of cements mold. I didnt see “fairytale” in it at all. Sorry. 

One of many theme rooms they had it in here…
You can experience the craziness of the rooms and layout with as low as USD30 with a breakfast. seriously.. I dont see this room is.. sleep – able.  Can u? Look at the mattress and low ceilings.. by looking at it, I can imagine how poor the air ventilation..
As museum or place to to complete your travel itinerary, yes. But to stay in here, and oh… all the writes up about this place are totally overrated.
Real queen termite inside.
This is the guest house / Crazy house lobby I think…
..and maybe breakfast is served in this area/room.. I dont know. There is no proper layout / room descriptions around here. Not in English!
There is 1 single souvenir stall selling locals handmade.
..and it is normal trying, posing with it –  without buying it
Ok, next stop – even more boring – er

This place called Bao Dai’s Palace. It is a summer palace of former Vietnam’s Emperor Bao Dai (1926 – 1945). But Do not expect to see object de’art inside the palace.

The garden is well maintained, thanks to dalat’s natural cold climate which helps put a charm into the surroundings with pine trees and hydrangeas flowers. Or else, macam Tasik Titiwangsa aje..
I had to put some kind  of shoe comdoms in able to walk around inside the palace..

This is nothing to compare with Emperor palaces in China. The furniture is alike living in modern 2 star hotels. I was like.. wtf… I thought all emperors cribs looks something like Forbidden Palace, China… Arrgghh 

I Guess this is the master bedroom.

2nd bedroom – and I believed the workers slept on it at night… look at the bed sheet!

Guest’s rooms? Hmmm most probably for male guests

and this for female guests? Cuz it’s pink?

That is the only interesting artifact I found in this big square house. And I believed that was a gift or imported / bought by Emperor Bao Dai during his trip to China?

Emperor’s official office. Pfftt.. Telekom Muzium ada ni berlambak.
Some of Emperor’s Corningware collection.
It is a boring trip indeed. So, to complete it, I feel it is not enough to end this boring trip by not making myself looked utterly moron. So paid RM2.50 (15,000 dong) for it.. They have this room with all king/queen/princess/gundik costumes for rent.

Ah, beware of these 2 kutu. They were like forcing you in a very friendly way to take pictures with them. They will pose with you like real monkey and pig who never saw a human in their entire life and in the end asking you to pay 5,000 dong for every snap. Fucker.

After wasting 3 hours time of the most boring tour in my whole life,  We asked the taxi driver to drop us at the best / famous restaurant in Dalat town. He was not helping at all.. dropped us at his friend’s restaurant where there were no sight of customers in it. Wth? Then we walked further up and down until we saw this one.

Ok la, consider unique since the interior were made by bamboo, sticks and branch. It is a very clean and cosy spot. The owner is a pretty mid age lady who can speak English very well. Ah, I totally forgot to take a picture with her.

I hope they took this from a dead tree and not from the poor young live trees just to decorate the ceilings.
There are few other restaurants tagged and recommended by the “Lonely Planet” along the street. But the price of the food are twice expensive than the one which wasnt recommended by that popular travel guide show. 

and the menu not bad. I had enough eating shell grilled animals already.

Grilled fish. The fish was so hard and tastes like a chicken. Sigh. Not good.

BBQ squid. It was ok. different than what we had in Bagan lalang or seafood restaurant in KL

Seafood spaghetti. Wasn’t mine. Anyway, the sauce was a bit sweet. Urgh.

Mushroom soup with asparagus. – Urgh.

If u ask me what is the best food I had in Dalat… is this.. homemade croissant…soft, creamy, buttery..and it smell very…milky… I loves this cute soft small croissant … more than the stupid tour, the princess outfit, grilled fish and dalat town itself…

As a conclusion. this croissant was the only best thing I encounterd in Dalat.





  1. Lissa

    January 22, 2010 at 8:18 am

    “I had to put some kind of shoe comdoms in able to walk around inside the palace..”

    We have those ‘bahili’ in Ukraine too, for hospitals. LOL.

  2. Independent Queen

    January 22, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    @Woaini_87: =)
    @Lissa : Oh…. it is called bahili? I dont know how to call it.. just “shoe condoms” heeee..

  3. Lissa

    January 22, 2010 at 6:40 pm

    Well, it’s ‘bahili’ in Russian. Hehe… I have no idea what they’re called in English. LOL.

  4. ariff

    January 23, 2010 at 9:09 pm

    i laughed at ur pic when u make a fool of yourself. lol

  5. Independent Queen

    January 24, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    @Lissa : Thanks for sharing..I will call them bahili!
    @ariff : lol. good for u. Whenever u wanted the best medicine, just take a look into my fool picture lah 😛
    Bukan ke laughter is the best medicine kan..

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