Detox : The CHEAPEST and EASIEST way

Hi. Salam Aidilfitri. Gambar kuih raya & baju raya tak ada disini.

I know some of you masih tak habis beraya. Raya Puasa 6 kan? While everybody is still showing off their Hari Raya outfit and busy whining about their weight gain (but do nothing about it), here is a tip for you to cleanse your gut once you finished with the buruk lantak kau tu.

No need to buy all the non sense fuckery product your friends selling on Facebook. Here is the solution:

Epsom Salt. You can get it in Watson, Caring or Guardian pharmacy with only RM5.

Miracle? Nah. But the best remedy do come in cheap. (ada logo halal lagi. Walau hanya garam, maklum lah..rakyat Malaysia takut termakan makanan HARAM. Tapi perbuatan haram yang lelain, selamba je buat. Ntah ntah, duit buat beli makanan HALAL tu datang dari duit gaji yang HARAM. Kerja macam taik, tapi gaji nak je lebih)

I was a foolish before, spending on RM80 –  A 7 days Detox juice by Kinohimitsu, and totally sold out that my colon is clean as if I just born into this world.

I wanted to thank to my good hearted niece to stuff me with never ending good infos in order for me to live well. 

This is how it looks like

Epsom salt has many benefit for beauty, health and cleaning your house! Ring a bell? Yea, that magic Amway cleansing drop yang sangat magic which can do almost everything. Ntah ntah diorang pakai garam ni je pastuh jual kat korang dengan harga yang sangat exclusive.

I took Epsom salt into my detox program before I start my Gluten Free Diet. And Gluten Free Diet is much more fun and tasty compared to agonizing Atkins Diet. Boo! I decided to try Gluten free diet after I stuffed myself with highly sinful meals during Ramadhan (beli kat Baazar, the usage of sugar, oil & sodium tok sah cakap lah)

So, my experience using Epsom Salt is 10/10. It flushed out from thick to almost nothing but clear water in 1 day, 30 minutes after you drink it. Good for bloated tummy (jenis kentut tak lawas tu kan), water retention and of course, constipation.

The other benefits that you can get from Epsom Salt (which is not a salty salt like you imagine. But a compound of sulfate and magnesium). Kalau boleh makan peria, Epsom Salt drinking will be your favorite, kut? But it is advisable to do this once a month.

1. Reduce Stress (soak in a bath tub with epsom salt)
2. Relieve Muscle Pain
3. Regulate body function
4. Prevent hardening of arteries and blood clot
5. Increase the effectiveness of insulin
6. Relieve Constipation
7. Eliminate Toxin
8. Fertilize your plant
9. Face Mask/ Facial wash
10. As a Softener for your laundry
11. As a hair volumizer (mix with your shampoo)
12. and many more.

I just took 5 teaspoon of Epsom Salt & dissolve it with a cup of warm water. Drink it with an apple in my other hands (bitter lah!) and feel it works slowly from my chest down. 30 minutes later, the toilet bowl is my best friend until I can’t feel my butt hole anymore 🙁

Here is the decent way to use Epsom Salt (source:

Drink Epsom Salt for Detox

A detox remedy using Epsom salts will take two days. Before you begin your regimen, stop using any medications or supplements two days before this detox is to take place to avoid any potential negative interactions.
On the day your detox is to begin, consume a no-fat breakfast and lunch. This may include toast and honey, cooked cereal or vegetables. Do not eat anything after 2 pm. Combine four tablespoons of Epsom salts in 3 cups of water and refrigerate the mixture. Meanwhile, warm a pink grapefruit and a cup of olive oil on the counter. Around 6 pm consume ¾ cup of the Epsom salt mixture. You may add vitamin C powder to improve the taste if desired. Drink an additional ¼ cup of the Epsom salt drink at 8 pm.
Attempt to take a bowel movement before moving on to the remaining steps in the detox. Pour half the olive oil and a half cup of juice from the grapefruit into a jar and shake to combine. Drink this mixture around 10 pm while standing. After you have finished drinking take four Omithine capsules and lie down with the head elevated.
The following morning consume an additional ¾ cup of Epsom salts when you wake up, then go back to bed and rest. Two hours later consume the remaining Epsom salt mixture. Two hours after finishing the drink sip some juice. Then consume fruit half an hour later and eat light food an hour after this. During one of these small meals consume whey powder to replenish the bile salt you have lost during the detox. By dinner you may eat a normal meal. During this detox you will experience diarrhea so be prepared to address this.

So, thank to me later. I just free you from spending stupid slimming product on Facebook. Oh how I hate when they asked you to “Sila Taip ‘NAK’ untuk dapatkan harga istemewa”


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