Dongdaemun : Few Places You Should Consider to Visit While in Seoul.


Post about my trip to Seoul is coming to an end. I wish it end soon. I myself feel bored to keep on going about it. But, I promise myself that I won’t leave my trip post unfinished like I used to do.

I will finish what I (you) started

Right. I got this force from Star Wars: The Force Awaken

If you come to Seoul, there are few other places you can consider to visit. Usualy these places are not mentioned or included in tour program sold by travel agent. Well, these places are not that significant but, they are listed in South Korea Tourism as walking tour. We happened to visit these places since we stayed in Dongdaemun. And these places are within walking distance from our hotel.

1. Cheonggyecheon River/ Stream

Cheonggyecheon seoul 1

Cheonggyecheon seoul 2

Cheonggyecheon seoul 7

Cheonggyecheon seoul

This river is 11 km long. What interesting about this river is – it’s clean and beautiful, considering its location in the middle of the city. From where I came from, river is always filthy, smelly and full of trash, I find Cheonggyeoncheon River is one of the 7 wonder of the world. I’ve seen many botanic garden in the middle of busy city but, river with the landscapes fit for a wellness retreats

Cheonggyecheon seoul 3

Cheonggyecheon seoul 6

Cheonggyecheon seoul 4

Cheonggyecheon seoul 5

Complete with ducks and fishes, I don’t this setting is impossible for Kuala Lumpur to follow. Not for public areas. I didn’t mean that Malaysian government don’t have the capability to do it. With millions RM budget allocated for urban development, of course Malaysia can. What I meant is the people, the public awareness towards trash management. I find it is very hard for me to see a single cigarette but on the street here in Seoul.

2. Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

ddp seoul

ddp seoul 3

ddp seoul 1

ddp seoul 2
A giant structure without sharp corner or edges. This building is more like a place for Art exhibition center and culture park. I don’t know if I can compare it with Istana Budaya (the function of it) but, maybe some sort like that. The place hold many big events like Fashion week or Architecture Design convention. When I was there, there were HERA Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2016 going on.

ddp seoul 5ddp seoul 4ddp seoul 7ddp seoul 6

I saw a glimpse of Korean celebrity walk on the red carpet but I can’t tell who since it was long time ago I care about KPOP saga. I can say the crowd that day dressed in a good fashion style sense. Watching koreans playing dressed up put me in tears remembering my hashtag of ootd/ootn. They are way beyond ootd/ ootn. Style and fashion its in their DNA. They born with it. It take no effort for them to look good while dressing up. No wonder world’s Top Fashion Blogger are Koreans. In Malaysia, we need money to appear stylo, which, I think, Rozita Che Wan managed to pull.

3. Heunginjimun Gate & Flower Market/ Street

Seoul Heunginjimun Gate 3Seoul Heunginjimun GateSeoul Heunginjimun Gate 2Seoul Heunginjimun Gate 1
These two located exactly in Jongno-5 area. If you stay outside of Dongdaemun, just take subway and stop at station Jongno-5. This place isn’t chaotic like Myeongdong. More laid back and less tourists. It’s more like place for local to shop. Street market selling flowers and cheap souvenirs can be seen here.

Jongno-5 flower market seoul 3

Jongno-5 flower market seoul 1Jongno-5 flower market seoul 2Jongno-5 flower market seoul 5Jongno-5 flower market seoul

We came here just to find a decent restaurant for our lunch. But it is so hard to find one and I noticed that most of the restaurants and cafes here only selling pastries and desserts. Always waffles and ice creams. Morning until night, all I can see is waffles and ice creams. Finally we had to settle down at Lotteria for lunch which is, very boring like McDonalds.

lotteria seoulMap of seoul cityself walking tour in Dongdaemun areacafe in seoul

4. Dongdaemun Out and About.

walking around Dongdaemun Seoul 1walking around Dongdaemun Seoul 2walking around Dongdaemun Seoul 4walking around Dongdaemun Seoul 3
There are plenty of markets around Dongdaemun area. But it is not our type of market. After I saw this market, then I think I can figure out where the locals get their breakfast and lunch.

walking around Dongdaemun Seoul 5

The foods here are too adventurous for visitor like me. I cant even stay there very long. But before I leave, I manage to try the fresh fruit juice, local made. The juice is worth try for. The freshest. With a glass of jucie in my hand, Mike and I continue to explore Dongdaemun area, strolling through backstreet alley and see how local live their lives everyday.

Jongno-5 flower market seoul 4

walking around Dongdaemun Seoul 6walking around Dongdaemun Seoul

To be continued. I will post about shopping in Seoul in the next post.



Dongdaemun Seoul, South Korea



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