Dont Be Creative, Just Be Stupid.

I believe that many of you ever encountered the “lets – contribute – ideas” inside the management/office meeting for new upcoming project. You know, you sit around the boss and your boss starting to mention about company new mission, new plan, new project, future growth.. and a lil’ bit sugary promises here and there suddenly you boss said ” let’s be creative, think outside the box, think and expand the “google” way, dont let your daily work stagnant, routine kills the company.. and other blah blah blahs. And then chey, your brain starting to work, try to impress your boss and try to prove that yes you are creative, you can think outside the box or even outside this universe. You try outdo the others’ ideas and make sure yours is the best and worth to be picked. Then after you voiced it out your so creative idea for the project..suddenly…
Ok, YOU try to come up with that before this and that date, prepare all the necessary, show me and make it happen

There. In your face. Itchy mouth.

While you trying to figure out how to juggle the time to finish all your current workload and now come new extra “think outside the box proposal” , the other staff walk out from the boss room smiling.
And now since you trying to prove to your boss that you are more than just a plain worker, able to meet deadlines and can “make it happen”, there, extra few hours for you everyday to sit inside the office lah. still it is VERY UNFAIR because he suppose to mention that “remember, your idea, your responsibility, and we will not give a damn to help it work as a team to make it happen since.. well.. its your idea”
So, next time just be stupid or pretend that you are stupid, or be really really stupid. Even your boss mentioned that there will be an extra points for you in your appraisal (yea yea.. like that extra point can make you afford to buy Gucci Shoes) for that brilliant creative idea, just empty your brain or think about something else, “is it KFC or Mc Donalds or Nasi Campur” for lunch instead.
Believe me man.. sometimes, Creativity kills You. (for my case, most of the time). Now i start to believe that, Ignorance is a Bliss.



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