End of the year.. almost!

… and it is not the end of the road!
Bye bye week 2, here comes week 3 of December. Gosh, time flies real fast. In 3 more weeks –  we got to get ready to say goodbye to the failure of whatever resolution we made up early this year and make a new one or, extend it to the next year. Pathetic.

Weekends 184
Ended my week two with a good one. Jazz, good foods, close friends a warm pot of tea, actually that was good enough to break the stress out of me due to workload and decision whether to stay or leave. I really miss the sun & the beach waves. I miss my banana smooties early in the morning, I miss the tanned line on my skin.

Weekends 203 

Weekends 204
Meeting up with old friends, new one, strangers and all really lifts up my worn out spirit. Starting with career decision crisis early this year, bitch fight over some stupid slutty issues, restless long distance relationships and heartbreak really put me into a good body shape! I noticed that I can eat as much as I can, during the day & before I sleep, and still looking good in this tight zebra striped dress. And now, I can sit down enjoy the music & late supper with no reason behind, except one – celebrate the moment.

I realized I still have few pictures left & untold stories from my 2010 trip in Melbourne & Bali in my folder. I better finish it up before I create a new exciting post of more trip for year 2011 (which I already bought the flight tix to a few destinations, wheee)

That is me enjoying A Superman view from Eureka Skydeck, 88th floor.

Yea, on our last day in Melbourne, Harry brought us to experience the terror of sky height as well as Anzac Day.

So we took 124578 of picture, posing in front, under this Eureka Tower.

..and Harry was our god damned good photographer. He listened to our instruction well. HAHA. So, whoever wish to tag us in our next trip, make sure you are ready to do this kind of thing. At the park, club, streets, wall, bench, floor (why does it sound very kinky..)

Please click HERE for more information on Eureka Tower and The Edge.
Im not an Acrophobia type of person, however, I did held on something whenever I’m leaning on the glass window! *giddy*

Here are some proof of me trying to look all cool;


and the floor, the wall are hi tech set with this electronic LED signs – telling us the facts about Melbourne city. Hey, just imagine if you come up here with your filthy rich boyfriend, suddenly all the messages turns into “Dear (your name), will you marry me?” Ah! Freaking Futuristic Robotic Romantic!!!

The deck is located on 88th floor, 935ft above the ground, offers the clearest, vast view of city of Melbourne in 360degrees. I present you, Melbourne in Autumn..

I try to stand straight as possible as I can.. but somehow the view is.. oh ok.. I almost forgot that the globe is round.. not flat square! *dumb head*





Yes I can fly! I can fly!.. cuba la… kalau nak mampus.

We tried the Edge too! Too bad we unable to bring our own camera inside & we didn’t purchase our picture too =( but this is how it looks like inside the Edge;
**Picture stolen courtesy from www.eurekaskydeck.com.au

This glass cube popped out from the 88th floor about 3 meters out from the building. But I think the sound & glass effect they made was kinda lame though. Not scary at all. They should make it shaky! Boo! (and I swear Nina will shit her pant out if it’s shaky! Wahahaha)

Oh, I never thought that I meet & wear the shoe condom for the second time! They made us wear this before entering the glass cube. I don’t know – maybe this shoe condom will transform into parachute in case the glass room fall down! Pffttt.. I preferred they let us in barefooted since they really concern about us scratching the glass.

shoe condom@The Edge
3 fugly pairs of well protected feet. Now all ready for some groupie orgy dance floor party!

and this is the only free thing we got from here, besides the ticket stub. and.. of course, some memories. =)

It’s time to go =(

Noooo I don’t wanna leave!!! Apparently before I left, I realized I was no longer afraid to lean towards the glass window.

Down we go!

to be continued… (dah last2 pun bnyk story lagi ka?) Beribu – ribu pictures you….(saje je..nak banyakkan post for December..hehee)




  1. n

    December 14, 2010 at 8:31 am

    nice pics u got there.. plus the good sweet memories….

    viva 2010…
    wishing ya the very best for 2011…

    cheers… 🙂

  2. ken

    December 15, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    what a year you have experienced.. another great year ahead! 😀

  3. Independent Queen

    December 27, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    @Ken: Same to you Ken 🙂
    @n: Hey, thanks. I’ve got long list of dysfunctional new year resolution ready! haha.

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