Evergreen Plague.

Mega Sale is hazardous more than H1N1, at least people manage to invent vaccine for H1N1 and make it curable. This Mega Sale virus easily affect women and somehow lead a direct consequences such as heart attack, high blood preassure and headache to men, on the spot. Sounded like more dangerous than cancer or HIV. Will any insurance company come up with protection plan to cover this illness in the future?

I stopped at a mall just to have my dinner at Sushi King and I ended up with this. WTF? Since when I need 3 same T-shirt with different color? And it troubles me to find shoes that match with every shirt and the bag and the jeans..

Im counting the days when Malaysia Mega Sale will be ended. It burns my whole pocket no, my bank badly and leave a very big tryannosaurus size, mark or whatever you might call it.. PLEASE! I DONT WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS EVENT ANYMORE!

Till then, I will be wearing same shirt for 3 consecutive days.




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