Ex – Girlfriend.

What an audit week. A tormenting process just to get the financial record straight. It is a valuable but sickening experience with Price Water House (mind you, it’s Singapore PWC, not Malaysia). They drill your file cabinet, accounting system inside your computer as well as your brain, they extract everything inside out until nothing left. Not even a paper clip. (Okay, this is way too exaggerate) The process sent me to the clinic on the 3rd day of investigation, and they still have 01 week to go. Set me high & dry, on my birthday month. Perfecto.
And it has been close to 03 months after the break up, and I thought I would be lonely & all in hibernate mode. I was wrong. My weekends full of plans and my time fully occupied with girlfriends, until I almost do not have enough time to wash, blow dry & curl my hair. Not to mention ex-es too.. They suddenly popped back unbeknownst to me, leaving me feel all disgusted.
Honestly, I do not mind at all to befriend with my ex-es. It is the most honorable things to do, keep all the good memories & deeds we did for each other, take all the failure attempts to save the relationship as a lesson & be happy for each other’s new life (oh this one may take some time ya, because I tend to get mad after knowing they able to get a replacement sooner than I am, but still – it’s a healthy competition to guarantee that we can move on, real fast)
All of my ex-es are married, with kid(s) & I’m happy for them. I’m happy that they’re finally found their ultimate happiness – wake up at 4 to change the diapers, taking turn to fetch their kids at school, took an emergency leave just to take care of their kids when the wife had to go outstation, work extra hard to feed the whole family, less vacation and more savings for their child education, and they still enjoying fast food at the shopping mall because the wife too tired to cook!
Well, who am I to judge, it’s their happiness. But I can’t understand when they are messing with mine, asking my permission to come over to my house at night, like, really really late night – when they are in town or, their wife & kids not at home? Using funny excuse like “lets couch potatoes, watch TV with coffee, catch up updates & stories… bla blalalalalala” I mean really? At midnight? My other ex even funnier, called me out of sudden, asking my permission to stay over for a night before he drive back to his hometown, wife, his ultimate happiness. I asked him;

“So, where did you stay for the past few days while you are here?”

“Oh, I got my own house in here”

Are you fucking kidding me?
I don’t know. The fuck with whatever reason is – meet up for old time sake or reminiscing a past love. I still called it CHEATING when you do stuff or about to do things that can make your spouse upset. Celebrate your “bachelor night” by chance with some other strangers maybe too common, but with your EX GIRLFRIEND? These guys seriously entitled to get their balls castrate.

I am sorry if I still look hot just the way you dated me 12, 6 years ago. Forgive me if I still manage to freeze my look just the way the first time you set your eyes on me. Excuse me if I am the same bubbly person and still good making you laugh at the top of your lungs just like before.
You had your chance to love me & care for me, and don’t tell me that I never gave you my best to keep our relationship alive. Your time has ended many years ago. It was you who made me walked away.
This isn’t cool anymore. Forget about Gwen Stefani’s “Cool”. I guess we aren’t cool anymore.
It’s going to kill me to see you with the next girl, cause I’m the most gorgeously jealous kind of ex – girl”

No Doubt – Ex Girlfriend
and yea, this song is specially dedicated for you.




  1. Ariff Shah

    November 14, 2010 at 6:37 am

    yeah. that’s cheating all right.

    better u lepak dengan i than them, but at that time masa i single je la. now cannot.

    anyways. been busy. like very busy. miss rreading this blog.

  2. Independent Queen

    November 14, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    @Ariff: Lepak as a friend is no harm la Ariff… as long as we know our boundaries. Been busy too. Just update like once a month. lol.

  3. kankan

    November 22, 2010 at 5:44 am

    I wanna be your Ex. haha

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