Fake It.

Ahhh.. Russian peak season is finally over. Now I get to live my life back like every other people and have my weekend like Im used to do..what a relieve..

For the past 2 months my house and room looks like a shit shack. Called the maid to clean the shit out while cream my leg and trim my nails.. heaven…

Loves this fridge magnet. Bought during my trip to Ho Chi Minh city. Put it on my window grill next to my dressing table. Hope I will finally can be with someone that I love this year, always stay beside me sharing good and bad, laughter and tears..

Free time to read my faves… Im so 3 months behind now!!! What’s hot? What’s in? Must haves?

Do a little advance purchases for upcoming invitations and trips. Planning to cover South East Asia this year with my girlfriends..

Vincci+ – RM139. Very comfy and sexy.

  an LBD, dress to match with my snow skin heels and bloody red dress. All from MNG.
It’s normal for a lady to splurge a bit in order to look all good. Some are even willing to went through pain (and death) just to look beautiful. Especially the one who dares to go under knife, boobs jobs, skin tightening, and liposuction to name a few. But hell, If I got a lot of money, I’d rather to hire expensive personal trainer and cook to get me a Megan Fox’s body. But it is just a dream. So, for poor ordinary people like me.. all I can do is just FAKE IT in order to achieve the silhouette effect 😛
I have a few favorites brand which help me faking it  – in a good way. They are so good until I myself didn’t believe I looked so flawless in/with it. lol.
#1 – Face
I hate when my face looks all shiny, not glitter, but oily shiny kinda look under the flash light. I tried so many foundations – liquid or cream and 2 way face cake to achieve healthy glowing skin under the flash light for over 10 years! buy failed until I met Bobbi Brown…

RM145.00 – Bobbi Brown
I swear over this creamy compact foundation! This is my 4th case and gong to finish out soon. The cream will quick adjust and absorbed into my skin few minutes after the application. The best thing about it is, the longer I wear it, no matter how sweating my face does, this superb cream will absorb it for me and keeps my face looking matte glowing. Can wear it alone. Loves the effect. It made my skin looks all neutral, wearing nothing at all!

RM165.00 – Bobbi Brown
Here its partner in crime which responsible to make my skin looks like celebrity under the flash light. lol. I only use this during night time cuz it able to absorb more oil/sweat/flash light. Loves it!
Flash light!  Leave the shine to your hair, not the face. Flawless! No cakey, no oily effects. The product has some minerals in it which also can helps to improve my uneven skin tone and dry skin condition!
#2 Hair.
Vidal Sasson – RM149.00
 Everyone born with straight hairs swear by Tong Curler. Whatever brand is, make sure it is ceramic rod/ ceramic coated. It will prevent your hair from serious damage.

Lucido-L – RM16.90
My 3rd jar. This can perfectly defines my fake curls. And it smells good too!

#3 Body

Heh..when talk about body, your bobbies are the eyes of your body. lol. Im a fan of La Senza push ups (since Victoria Secrets still nowhere in KL). But when it comes to seamless, fit – to – body and gave me all au natural round looks.. I just discovered “my basics” by Women’s Secret.

My basics by Women’s Secret – RM169.90

It has 3 colors and of course Nude is the best color. Loves the material, weightless and unlike other strapless bra, this one support and snug your bobbies perfectly without slippery even with a lot of movements. I’ve observed many girls keep pulling their strapless up every 5 minutes. But not with My Basics range, because it has rubber line along the bra inner strap which can prevent slippery act.

So now u can see the difference between whom with My Basics by Women’s Secret and who’s not. Magic!!!
#4 Legs.
Ah, everybody knew how to fake in order to have slim, long endless leg. Killer heels – of course!

Nine West – RM429.00
Every girls should know that wearing heels will add up the sexy look by 50% – straight away, without have to put on slutty dress. Ask boys around, which one they prefer to feast their eyes on to, with or without heels? I know by wearing heels will not help you getting your additional height permanently, that’s why I put it in my FAKE IT list. At least it gives you some kind of illusion of a gorgeous Gisele Bundchen legs for a while. Wearing high heels doesn’t mean you are torturing your legs. Cuz I manage to find the comfortable ones, like those 2 pairs above. Or else, wear it with stick on gel cushions from Scholl
I saw most of the girls nowadays with fake eyelashes. I should give it a try too. Hurmm.. you are allowed to fake whatever in order to stay pretty all the time but never fake your attitude and your true colors. 
“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones” ~ Helena Rubinstein




  1. ariff

    January 17, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    ah.. girl stuff..
    btw. u can still get VS in malaysia~

    oops.. How come I know stuffs like this eh?

  2. Independent Queen

    January 22, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    @ariff: Becuz u love the angels! I knew it!
    @emencer : hi back to u =)

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