Fallin’ for Bali


How easy to fall in love these days. And seriously they made love sounds like a crap. Easy, and valueless, cheaper than McValue meals. U need a couple of bucks to get your Mc Donalds’ big & tasty set, at least. But love, it is done with text and emails. Foolish.

And as for me, Im falling .. falling for Bali. It maybe doesn’t have the bluest water like an island supposed to have, but I fell for Bali..and I don’t mind going back again, there are so much to see and experience in Bali. The culture and architecture are well preserved, u’ll see spiritual carvings and ritual ceremony in every corner of your walk paths. The locals are very friendly, friendlier than any Malaysians I’ve been rubbing shoulder with. They speak to you as they known you for a very long time, at the moment you make an eye contact with them. Every glance u made, they replied with warmest smile. Never failed.

Bali 015


Bali 014


Bali 030

“Bali is for Honeymooners” is too underrated. Becuz most honeymooners do is , sitting in their suite and fuck till sore. Bali is more than that. Surfer’s heaven, shopping lairs, scenic infinity! That was why.. 4 days wasn’t quite enough for Bali…Im so gonna revisit Bali for sightseeing I have missed. Kintamani, Ubud’s Tegalalang, Sunset at Jimbaran and Barong dance to name a few. Urggh..

Forgive me for the quality of my pictures. My dslr was handled by a friend who had no interest at all in
handling such camera. 😛 I always forgot to set to an “Auto” mode for him so, this is the result among many others. =(

Bali 060

So, as our flight a bit delayed, we arrived at Seminyak region at 9pm. Everything was dark but the resort we checked in brightens our mood from exhaustion of 3 hours flight and long queue at Ngurah Rai’s airport. We stayed in Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa, a quiet place 20 minutes (by taxi) from lively Kuta town. If u are looking for a beach resort, this shouldn’t be the one since it is very far from the shore, and tanning by the beach wasn’t my main attention in Bali anyway. But the resort absolutely gave us the feeling of we’re surrounded by the beach! Is a total relaxation property after tiring sightseeing, club hopping and shopping.

Glance to our villa @seminyak Estate & Spa;

Bali 056
Our lovely bed.

Bali 086
Our villa facade, daytime.

Bali 097
It’s a private villa. So we have the turf all for us.

Bali 338
and our own jacuzzi! So who need beaches while u can skinny dipping into this?

Bali 090
Wake up to a bright morning!

Bali 177
Pathway to breakfast.

Bali 201
Just for plain posing. The alleyway is too breath taking…Actually they provide a buggy transfer for every guest since it is a vast property, but we chose to walk since we didn’t see much during our night checked in.

Bali 238  
The restaurant is right above the hotel lobby, giving you the view of…

Bali 239
this, and

Bali 242

Meet up another few friends in Kuta, for lunch.
Yeaaahaaa.. Babi Guling in Bali is a must try!!! *Gilo apo* That chef looks like Datuk K tho.. LOL.
Mengucap banyak2…Actually there are too many restaurants, gift shops, tour booths and express spa along Poppies Lane I, Kuta. All you need is to make a right choice and bargain. And as for Bali Agung.. please DO NOT come here. their food sucks! 
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This is Gado-gado Bali version. Served with rice

Soto Ayam. Taste like maggie soup tho’. So nothing special.
BBQ chicken..and the chicken smell like it dead 7 years ago.
Worst food of the year lah. The sauce taste like my vomit. I think my vomit taste better than this.
Oh, the night of arrival we actually had our 1st dinner in Bali too, somewhere in Kuta area; 


What else kalau bukan Nasi Padang!

I don’t know how real it was, but I finally had it in Bali Indonesia! (Before this I keep eating Indonesian food somewhere in Shah Alam and Damansara, hmm and the truth is.. it was better than the real Nasi Padang in Bali lah. Buang duit tiket flight je)

The interior deco is very balinese? javanese? I don’t know how to classify it. But looks and feel very traditional la. Makan bersila tu..

Nah.. look at sea of lauk pauk. It taste weird tho’.. we keep comparing with Malaysian food since the ingredients and stuff were exactly the same.. but maybe the preparation was different. If I wasn’t really that hungry, I can’t swallow any of these. And I remember I just ate a bit of rice and a bit of friend chicken and that’s it. The taste of the food was very strange to me.
The next day our tour guide told us that Nasi Padang actually isn’t a fresh food. They tend to keep the unfinished foods and serve it on the next day, day after another. They can’t throw the food, but mix it with new one in order to make a mounted, grand display for their window. Yuck!


Another strange food which I don’t dare enough to try. After listening to our tour guide, I have this eerie feelings about their food, and so I stick to western like steak and salad in order to prevent myself from starving.

To be continued with sightseeing tours and more awesome picces on the next post. Hehe.




  1. ` Yi Han

    August 13, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    Nice pictures! 😀
    I went to Bali, and i didnt really like the food there too, haha!

  2. ken

    August 13, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    really nice shots..
    i think we’re all used to our own local food.. =)

  3. kankan

    August 18, 2010 at 11:53 pm

    WOW! Look at those legs! You are so beautiful.

  4. Independent Queen

    August 20, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    @YiHan : Thanks. Haha.. thot im the only one who fussy about food.
    @ken: Agreed! both on nice shot and local food. haha!
    @Kankan : =)

  5. Mr Strider

    February 2, 2011 at 2:08 pm

    sure im gonna be here someday..thanks 4 the cool pic.. 🙂

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