Food for the Lazy: Smoked Chicken with Pita Bread

Here’s for the lazy one. Too lazy to drive out for take away. Too lazy to call Dominos Pizza Delivery (urgh, can’t stand the delivery time). Plus it’s quick and kitchen mess free. Prep time – 5 minutes. Eating time (with your favorite drinks) – 10 minutes 🙂
No specific hour. Hungry? Just do it.

and uh, I think the food that Im preparing is healthy. Hehe.

What you need:
1)  Sliced smoked chicken – 1 to 2 slices 
(can get this at cold storage – Giant/Tesco/Jusco..u name it)
2) Veggies – I use Baby Butterhead Lettuce – as much as you want 
(can use romaine or crisphead lettuce)
3) Pita bread – 1 piece
4) Virgin/ Extra Virgin Olive Oil
5) Yellow Mustard (I use Heinz)
6) Chilli Sauce (I use Heinz)
7) 1 egg
Optonal : Yellow Onion. Japalenos, any craps you feel like to eat.

What you have to do:
– Slightly fry your smoked chicken slice(s) with Olive Oil.
– Cut your pita bread into 2 – slightly toasted. 
– Fry egg (using olive oil) at the same time (Im using big multi cooker, so I can toast my pita bread at one side of the pan and fry egg on the other side at the same time!)
I like my egg half cooked. It makes the chicken juicy later on.
– Then, lay your sliced chicken on the 1st half pita bread – basking it with yellow mustard & chilli sauce. If you like mayonnaise, ranch, thousand island (euww), Budu or cencalok (euww, euwww) go ahead with it.
– Layer your chicken sliced with lettuce and layer it again with egg. Then layer your egg with more lettuce. 
**Note: this layering process can take forever as you like if you want to put all stuff you like to eat.
– Eat.

Enjoy it with your fav drink –  Hot Coffee or tea over some manual book “how to look fabulous tomorrow & forever”

The end.

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