Forgotten update.

I totally forgot about these photos. My eyes caught up at MELAKA folder when I was browsing through my album folders. Then I remember I only did half of the post about my visit to Melaka. Im so getting alzheimered  due too much rest!

I dont know whether u guys still remember about the history of foot binding a.k.a Lotus Feet during the 10th century. It is proven that women are willing to go through severe pain and torment themselves to look beautiful.

Yea.. but Lotus Feet? Errmmm.. I still unsure how such hideous feet can be attractive lo. I rather endure the pain of 8 inch stiletto, plus climbing the Batu Caves 272 stair cases in it, instead bandage my feet until looks like ermm cocoon something like that. The prince who loves and admires those Lotus Feet back in 10th century must be psycho bondage crazy bastard who loves to see tormented women in pain.  

And we strolled along the streets.. with many many Tokongs. Dah nama nya Jalan Tokong kan. But I the temples here are very artistic. Or maybe it just me with minds keep telling me “you are in Melaka.. everything here is supposed to look artistic and authentic..”

But hey, really lah! Even normal souvenir shops here looks very artsy. Man…I never saw 2 bicycles looks so artsy before.

After I took this wind chime, the shop owner finally said to me “ermmm supposed u can’t take picture inside this shop”

On my way out, I still took this shot and cabuttttttttttttttttttttttt..!

Ok, then we moved to see the big bulk of Portuguese’s leftover.

Ah, it’s just gate for God’s sake. Why people make such a fuss about it. Because it was built 200 years ago or what? Try dig some fossils, u might find something which is more than million years ago.

Stairway to Heaven, no actually to a cemetery. These people hor.. very afraid to go and visit cemetery, be it Chinese or Malay Cemetery, all said very suay to step into one..

And yet they don’t know that when they at ruins of St Paul Church, they are in cemetery area, strike a pose some more.

This is the original ruins of St Paul Church for you to believe.

There, it’s all grave yard lah.

Then we went in to another graveyard area which is located at lower part of St Paul Church’s ruins. Lucky it’s free. Hurmm.. nothing to mourn about.. cuz Im not related to any of this dutch corpse laying inside. Super boring la..

Okay, everything has come to an end. Just like the those dutch inside the tomb. But we end our day not like that la.. but we end it with Ikan Bakar (grilled / bbq fish)

I don’t know this place but my friend lead us to it.

The crowd and view was ok – ok. Im tired and my armpit was so sticky at that moment. I don’t care anymore.

Not again…I had too much of these in Vietnam and I think I don’t want to see any of these until year 2011.

The sauce for our bbq fish. Nothing special, it just a salty soy sauce with onions and lime. U can do this at home.

Argghh.. don’t order this guys. The taste is horrible. The size is so big and taste like mud. If u wanna eat this bamboo shelled thingy, find the small ones.

The prawn was nice. Big, fresh and sweet. But still la.. the sauce to go with it was… ordinary. so it didn’t compliment the taste of the prawns very much. So, u can do this at home too.

Fried squid with flour. This is only for those who doesn’t have tongue ya. Yuck!

Grilled stingray. This is my first time having an ugly, tasteless grilled stingray. what’s wrong with this restaurant la? 4 of us who were mad starved can’t finished this small ones.

Coconut jelly. well, this is something new for me. The taste was ok. refreshing. I should eat this all along. Not the squid, not the bamboo shell thingy, not the stingray. Just this.

Verdict: Don’t spend your money here unless you are really hungry and don’t believe my reviews. Buy KFC instead. Well, the sunset view at the restaurant seems very pretty cuz was taken by dslr camera. If not, it was nothing lo.

Head back to the city, where the fast foods taste better and more variety.

Im such an ungrateful bitch. Keep complaining the foods all weren’t good and suck. Ok la.. I took back my words a bit la okay? When Im thinking about the food I had during my trip to HongKong last year.. ermmm.. those stingray and squid above are definitely much better. But the bamboo shelled thingy still the worst.

This is what I had. Iced Kailan with wasabied soy sauce. Happy?




  1. Aidi-Safuan

    March 6, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    erk..mamat yang main gitar kat st paul church tuh memang full time kerja situh ke? 2 tahun lepas pegi situ dia ada gak. :p

  2. jfook

    March 7, 2010 at 8:37 am

    Well written. This is what I love about Melacca, everything is so beautiful. Haha. Regarding the food, why not trying satay celup and chicken rice?

  3. Lean

    March 7, 2010 at 8:59 am

    Checking out ere. =)

  4. Independent Queen

    March 7, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    @Aidi-Safuan: Ntah la.. full time ke?
    @jfook: OH? No body tell me about another Malacca specialties… Satay celup and Chicken Rice?? Dang…

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