Friendz friendly touch.

I got a nausea and headache, and my taste buds  had a craving for a beef steak. Sound suspicious ey? So I went for a late dinner with my a friend of 16 years, and met another old friend which out of touch for almost 10 years! Wow. Cut story short, I found out that she owns a hair saloon somewhere with her couple of friends at Section 18 Shah Alam. What a pretty coincidence, because I was whining for almost a month to change my hair color. Being black for more than 7 years it’s kinda boring u know?

Her saloon called Friendz Saloon, located opposite Giant Section 18 Shah Alam, above Mari Mari shoe shop ( man..what a name.. mari-mari..)

I was dreaming and fantasizing about being brunette 😛 like what Hillary Duff has.

and my dream crushed into pieces just because I did black hair coloring for past few months.. just because Im so proud being Asian and really madly crazy want to enhance the blackness of Asian hair. Bangang. (nak cover uban pun iye juga.. heh)

What an intense black kan? So.. for those who has an intention to color your hair..kindly make sure u didnt blackened your hair before that. Because it will reject any other color to penetrate your hair. So while I was drowning into sorrows…they struggling to figure out another solution for me. They recommend bleach and highlights. Oh?

As I am very comfortable to do my hair at Thomas & Guys, Snips and sometimes A’Cut above, I found that this small and ghetto saloon offers me something different once I stepped in it.. a happiness, laughter and the warmth of friendship. Not to mention their price is cheaper by half compare to those branded saloon kan.

It is very ghetto indeed. Im not sure if any of you know the movie called “The Barber Shop”, that is how to describe how it feels. I thought they were nice to me because Im a dear friend of one of their partners.. but I was wrong, apparently every customer walked into this saloon, is a friend!

No swanky decoration (because I was imagining it’s all pink and pink and very girly) but they did spruced up their warm and humble services with laughter and sincerity. Oh..very the Mother Theresa u..

So they started to bleach, wash, dry, bleach, wash and highlight my hair that day. I believed my hair was the most complicated one to handle in their entire operation history..because I am complicated. errmm..

See? everything must be done in pair. What a diva process. My hair is like that. When I wanted to perm it last year, it took extra 1.5 hours more than a normal process to curl my hair. Same goes to coloring. Gosh.. why everything about me is so difficult!

After so much hassle and I bet it costs few liters of armpit sweat.. this is the result ler. And oh, they also provide a grooming / make up service for function, engagement, wedding, or.. u know.. just for u to cam whore…Look how they transform an ugly duckling like me…


Magic..swoosh… magic…

Pling..pling..magic dust.. magic..

OMG.. she’s using M.A.C Hello Kitty Collections! Me loves it!

Almost there…

Final touch up

into this.. tadahhhhhh! Hey.. this is not bad for 20 minutes or so work! Perfect for function and camwhoring! I refused to let them to have a wedding make up on me.. cuz.. lepas tu kami pergi makan tomyam best gila dekat section section 24 okay… Malu lah.. later people thinks Ima runway bride..tak jadi kawin.. and then celebrate pelarian dengan makan tomyam dengan sahabat handai..hik hik..

Actually I loves this shot. but forgive that amateur photog who failed to get her hand steady.. heh. So, after much scolding and tormenting lesson… she tried again.

So, this is the godfairy mother who plays her magic and colors on me. EYNA. you can contact her at 017 304 2930 and I can confirm you the cost for u to deal with it is so dolly affordable! OMG OMG.. Im so dolly feel alike.. So apa lagi.. let’s the camwhore begin!!!!

Ok. muntah darah yet? and oh, for HeartBoxx readers, you guys entitled 10% discount for any hair / make up services which is cost more than RM50.00 if you mention HeartBoxx Blogspot! 🙂  Call for your appointment now!!!

Tata! (camwhoring continues)




  1. F I T

    March 23, 2010 at 7:27 am

    wahh so gorgeous hehehe

  2. Lissa

    March 23, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    Niiiiice! Too bad the saloon is far away from my place. 🙁

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