Fruit Story…~ No animal involves.

Yep. I mean it. Literally.

Everybody and everywhere talking about “Go Green”, well… here you dont just go green, but go yellow, go red, go purple.. in a yummy but still doesnt affect the world at all kinda way.

So long never eat outside, along the busy street, and 1 day me and my work mates decided to go al fresco. She asked me ” hey, wanna take a light bite?”

We dont even know this place even exist (duh) but maybe some of you who uses LRT everyday sure know one…It is located right infront of Ampang Park, at the Ampang LRT station entrance.The shop is very simple and cute, I swear no animals involved in their food preparation at all~!!! So you the pet, animal lovers – this is your place.

They also have gift pack fruit thingy. The box for the gift pack also cool, looks like a mooncake gift box. Very exclusive for a fruit…

They have a mix and match drinks and the price is cool.

Colorful menu says it all…Make us wanna order everything in it…Nice glass cup…

But the real one? Plastic cup~!!! what the…this shop doesnt pass the Go Green – Save the Earth requirement larrr…
I tried “Dippity Strawberries” yoghurt drink – which is a combination of strawberries and pumpkin seeds – a very safe choice.
and my girlfriend tried something sassy – “Passionate About You” : Passionfruit + red apples + kiwi. Sweet and sour kinda taste.. funny taste I would say..
Anyway, there is a story behind this salad. We choose this because inside their menu shows a very colorful range from Apple, Banana, strawberries to the coral salad.. but when the plate arrive – ehs? where is the strawberries ler? where is the banana? Warao.. kena scammed ler…
I hate when having my order different then the picture inside the menu. Why food business is like this ler? Same goes to McD or KFC lah.. inside picture..wahh the salad with the Mc Chicken so plump and green. But when it reach you leh? Cant even recognize is it salad or what lar?
Ok la, forgive them la since their salad is damn big you know.. and it only costs RM6.90 and can share for 2 peeps and they put alot of stuff inside. “The Greenie’s Wish”: Celery + coral salad + pumpkin seeds + walnut + apple + pineapple + tomato cherry + red and yellow capsicum + brocolli + dried plum. Dang.. thats alot~! Ok la.. forgive u la.
They also selling strawberries from Korea.

Ok la, better then Cameron’s. No wonder they skip the strawberries from our salad plate. Cuz they already saw we have a pack of it on our table I guess..

No need to describe how the taste is… all strawberries taste the same.
They also have salad menu called “Obama Salad”. Really meh? Obama eat this? Hurmm gonna try on my next visit.
In Kl got alot of story shop lah…Before this is Bread Story, now is Fruit Story.. next is what? Sex Story? Selling all kinda of kinky costume and gadget openly? (Nah.. “I need House” at Mid Valley is not good enuff ler… that shop is very lousy)
In the end, we walked out feeling full and guilty free for the first time…



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