Get High in Seoul : N Tower and Myeongdong.


Small tips: If you planning to visit N Tower, Seoul, kindly consider to bring padlock from home..

Just like any other tourists, I will try not to miss sightseeing from the highest point in the city. A bird view. It’s the cheapest way to enjoy 360 degree panorama of the city unless you can afford helicopter tour. And I always choose sunset hour until dark because I always preferred to see a city basking in glimmering neon lights while in day time, the possibility you will encounter foggy weather is high.

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I did went to Taipei 101 too. But too bad, I never finished my blog post about my trip to Taiwan 🙁

It is pretty easy to come here. Especially if you stay in Myeongdong area, you can just walk up to the tower. Namsan Tower (N Tower) is located across Myeongdong downtown. So, for those who stay outside Myeongdong, you can always take train or bus. You won’t be getting lost since there is always directions sign pointing to the tower.

Myeongdong Subway Station on LINE 4 : At Myeongdong Station, choose EXIT 3

road to N tower seoul 1

You can save your feet from walking, hiking up the hill if you take a bus. The bus will send you up to the Tower with no fuss. Mike and I wanted to try cable car ride. So we choose train. Subway station – walk up – Cable Car Station – N Tower. It was a short walk anyway. Around 10 minutes from subway station to Cable Car station.
road to N tower seoul 2
namsan guest house
road to N tower seoul

There are lots of decent guest house / hostel located along the streets towards N Tower as well. I’m not sure how cheap is the rate but I can guarantee it is cheaper than hotel rate. Plus, the location is so close to Myeongdong lively night spot makes it appropriate for shopaholic.
Visit N tower in seoul 2
road to N tower seoul 3

We reached N Tower by the sunset. But it was foggy day so bye bye to lovely sunset shot for this time.
Visit N tower in seoul 1

This is view from Cable Car station. Hahaha, so now you can imagine it’s quite a hike walk. I was panting while walking up this hill. Seriously.
Visit N tower in seoul 3

The cable car ride costs KRW 6,300 for a round trip. But you can choose one way trip which is KRW 4,800 and come down by foot while enjoying the beautiful of Namsan trail.

Here is my video taken during the cable car ride.

Visit N tower in seoul 29

Once you reached N Tower, there are few steps you need to climb. Since N Tower located on the mountain, be prepared to feel the cold breeze blow. Always be prepared with decent jacket or sweater.

Visit N tower in seoul 4

As a touristy spot, be prepared to encounter its trap as well. For example, this LOVE Padlock. I don’t quite understand about this ‘locking up your love’ through padlock and leave it there. I can feel Mike’s hesitation when I approaching this area. Maybe he worried that I might fall into the trap and asking him to get a padlock for us too. Or maybe he has natural allergy towards cheesy lovey dovey gesture. The padlock costs around KRW 6,800 – 10,000 depending on size. Well, to me, I rather spend that kind on money on good pastries or lipgloss.

Visit N tower in seoul 5
Visit N tower in seoul 6

So I SUGGEST that you bring your own cheap 3 for RM10 padlock from home if you still want to lock your love on the top of Namsan mountain.

Visit N tower in seoul 7

Visit N tower in seoul 25

Visit N tower in seoul 26

Whoever been to Tokyo Tower or Umeda Building in Osaka will sense the similarity with Seoul N Tower. Not the structure of the tower, but the ambiance concept lay out – it’s like Valentine’s 365 days here. Or maybe it’s Japan and Korean thingy – they are in love 24/7. Or maybe to them, high elevation means cloud nine. If you just broke up, divorced or single, you got to be strong. I can say almost everyone around you here in N Tower is loving couple or acting like it. Except Mike and I, we were still maintaining our Angry Birds status.

Visit N tower in seoul 8

To visit Observation Deck, it costs you KRW 9,000 per person. We got 10% discount coupon when we bought City Pass pack. Actually, they have few packages here like combo package. Some comes with popcorn and drinks, observation deck with teddy bear museum package, dinner package and lunch package. There are 3 nice, expensive restaurant up in N Tower and one of it just like revolving restaurant at KL Tower.

Since our intention just to enjoy the bird view of Seoul City at 236 meter high, we got ourselves basic entrance which is only to observation deck. As usual, once you up there, there is photographer waiting to take your picture regardless you like it or not.

Visit N tower in seoul 10

But! We caved in a fell into this trap and bought it at KRW 10,000. Well, only for the keepsake. I think this is better than buying padlock with the same price and leave it there.

Visit N tower in seoul 9

Visit N tower in seoul 18

Visit N tower in seoul 20

Visit N tower in seoul 19

Visit N tower in seoul 21

Basically only snack and candy counter, coffee stand and souvenirs shop available on this level. Here some of the picture taken from high above.

Visit N tower in seoul 16

Visit N tower in seoul 15

This looks like a flowing lava.

Visit N tower in seoul 14

Visit N tower in seoul 13

Visit N tower in seoul 17

Visit N tower in seoul 12

Visit N tower in seoul 11

One you are up here, DO NOT FORGET TO USE THE REST ROOM. So far, N Tower has the most beautiful view for public toilet class. I stayed in here for quite a while. This is my first time I don’t care about fixing my face or make up in the rest room. I was busy taking selfies. But I refuse to post it up because my selfies is strictly for my private collections!

Visit N tower in seoul 23

Visit N tower in seoul 22

We were up here for 30 minutes. Then the hunger started to kick in. It’s time for dinner! Before that I managed to get some Korean student to snap our picture together. Well, at least, I wanted a cute couple picture with my HUSBAND. Although I set my camera to AUTO mode, this kid still got it all blurry. It was the only picture of Mike and I together. I am kinda frustrated with it.

Visit N tower in seoul 27

Visit N tower in seoul

Visit N tower in seoul 28

Since Myeongdong night market is just down hill away, so we choose to check it out. It’s one havoc place like Jalan TAR Night Market. People shop like will be no tomorrow over here. But if you are looking for quality but cheap product of Korea, I strongly suggest that this is the place you should come. And as for me, too many stuff to buy but too little money in the wallet la 🙁 And I saw a lot of Malaysian Malay here with shopping bag handsful! Haha.


myeongdong 1

Visit N tower in seoul 30

One more thing, if you ever see Olive Young Outlet, I beg you to enter it with wallet full of money! You suddenly will feel greedy and want to buy it all. If you are not, you must be some sort of death angel. It is not too much if I say that all Korean’s cosmetic and facial care has the best quality with affordable price tag. Like this moisturiser and BB Cream, I got it from 7 Eleven just because I found it very cheap (KRW800-1000) but the result is awesome. I like the product! I am Clarins esteemed user, I can say that Korean’s facial care is as good as Clarins at 1/10 price tag. So! Whoever love trying and buying facial or even body care, I think Seoul is heaven on earth.

korean facial care

myeongdong 5

One more thing, all night market has its similarity which is – food stall. There are so many food stall so we can’t help it (since we were so hungry) but do the food sampling. We tried 2-3 food stall which sell meatless delicacy.

myeongdong 4

myeongdong 3
This is Korean Fried Banana! It taste just like our street fried banana only it has better presentation.

myeongdong 2

And this one is like portugese tart with yolk inside.

petite poisson (1)

petite poisson (2)

Among of all delicacy and snack in Seoul, I love this, heart shaped pastry. I found it at one of the subway station (which one, I can’t remember). The shop called ‘Petite Poisson’ (french) which means Little Fish. Mike taught me that. Poisson means fish. He knew French quite a bit. The pastry has nice aroma with crunchy texture, sprinkled with granulated sugar on the surface, with cream cheese fillings. I like it so much and I bought it again at Itaewon. Perfect for sightseeing snack.

ze cookies in seoul

myeongdong 7

AND, it is a mandatory to try local, traditional food. We had seafood dakgalbi for dinner that night. If I’m not mistaken, the price is KRW 10,000 per person. The sauce is like Nasi Lemak’s spicy sauce, fried with prawns, scallops, clam, squid, cabbage, carrot and many kind of vegetables which I don’t remember anymore. It is super delicious! If you think this isn’t enough, you can ask for rice to be mixed with the leftover sauce and it became like spicy tomyum fried rice. Try it!

myeongdong 8

myeongdong 9

myeongdong 6

Ey, now I just realized this is quite long ass post. I MUST stop now. As a conclusion, if you ever come to Seoul plus visit N Tower, you should remember these 3 things:

1) Padlock for N Tower
2) Cheap but quality cosmetics and facial care shopping in Seoul
3) Dakgalbi and Petite Poisson.


Seoul, Korea



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