go on and “Take a Bow”

Or should we call it “Bleeding Love”?

At least my frustration towards the show and hatred towards my boss became lesser since now everybody misses Rihanna concert too. Entertainment industry now stirred up by the news on the “Emergency Room” singer is really sent into an emergency room for real. I guess these two already on their way to register their names into Hollywood splitsville this sweet Valentines day.

I read through a lot of articles about it and well, 99.9% seems blaming the boyfriend lah. Hey come on… even if you caught your girlfriend on a bed with other guy, it is not the reason for you to beat her up to death ok? What is the girl soft face and skin compare to your hard fists.. go find your own size please…Even if us girls had a machine gun in our hands, still, there is no – no reason for you guys to beat us up too (cause maybe, MAYBE we did not know how to operate that hi tech machine gun and before we finish reading the manual book on how to use it, you guys already manage to bust us ler)

“I don’t want to speak more into the specifics with that situation, but all I’ll say is it’s just so devastating. I feel like, just as a person, I don’t care how famous she is or even is she worked at McDonald’s, that should never happen” ~Kanye West.

“He hit the roof, Chris is a walking dead man. He messed with the wrong crew” ~ Jay-Z

Uh oh, Mr Brown is not just got his career ruined plus possibility of 9 years jail, but Rihanna’s boss also vowed to seek revenge should the assault allegation proven true. No more standing under her Umbrella, ella, ella, eh eh,,

If I were Chris Brown, I will change my name to Mr. Chris White and “Run It” to Israel since people over there very ok with cruelty and killing innocent people.

Rumours spread very fast. Surprisingly people came to know that the root of this incident is not came from Rihanna (which many of Chris’ FANs claimed that Rihanna is going to transmit herpes to him) but it was because of this Mr. Brown flirting with newbie songstress Leona Lewis~! Wow, she’s really caused “Bleeding Love” episode man.

Wth? He flirting with other girl, the girlfriend flared up and he put her down by punching her face and said “I Will kill you” some more~! Haih.. what a typical…People did not know he can be that abusive but, HELLO, are you blind? (this statement for Chris’ Fans out there) He is the one who is very popular with or made it popular – the “Krumping” dance. Krumping is one of the dance style which people can express their anger inside. Since he krumping for most of his life.. well, you go figure it out. Suggestion : If you guys are having anger issue like Chris, please download an online games such as Cabalonline, and you may PK other players freely until you satisfaid.

Sources reported that Rihanna got bleeding nose, broken teeth, split lips and devil horn grew on her wide forehead due to Chris skilled punch.Maybe he used “combo skills” to disfigure his girlfriend perfectly. Wow. Cheer up Riri, that will give you a reason to fix your nose become smaller and cuter lehhh.

Overall, Im kinda frustrated too. Actually, I really admire them as a couple and they look very cool together. They even have matching tattoos back on their neck. And now let see who is going to take it out 1st lah. But hey, my advice to Rihanna, better be la esbian rather than having a boyfriend a-la Mike Tyson ler, sooner or later he will bite your ears off. Tsk..tsk..

Till then, get well soon Riri, waiting patiently for your reschedule show in KL~! (Even some people said it will take 8 months to get a new nose fully recovered :P)

And waiting for your new upcoming single(s) – dissing your Ex like some others did too~! *giggles*

But it’s over now…go on and take a bow…

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