Gold Coast by 108 clicks : By AirAsia.

I know some of you zealously wanna be like Ringo a.k.a Cheesie @ cheeserland or KennySia, they travel all around the world gaining experience, traffic and $$ while you guys busy finishing your paperwork, catching up with deadlines (dielane), tearing up your hair for upcoming exams or sit at home doing nothing, staring at your monitor (or uncensoredgutterpost?)worsening your long sighted problems on daily basis. And ahh.. some of their trip were fully paid by some agency somemore.

Not all of us (including me) are able to be like her/him, but hey, dont give up yet.. there is a short cut for getting at least (once in your lifetime) a free travel for 5D/4N to Gold Coast Australia~!

It’s easy as diggin up your nose;

1) Just log on to AirAsia X-Gold Coast Tourism “Quest for Gold” ,

2) Register by using your normal id and password, or by using facebook or friendster account, or use all 3 methods. Then you will get your unique code right away, sent to your email.

3) and start collecting your gold token just by visiting here and here (2 token.. ermm 106 to go argghh).

Dont fret, now it is time for you to use all the your contact list in your facebook & friendster,or twit them in a useful way rather than “guys, I just finished popping out my zits today, anyone wanna catch up for Transformers tomorrow“? For every 3 friends (who accept your invitation, will entitle you another 1 gold token).

So what are you waiting for? Start networking lah.

P/S: Dont forget to invite your boss to join in, he/she might be interested too~!



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