Got my first haters! Finally!

I know I don’t seriously blog and until now I still surprise some people find it is fun to read my blog. I also made few friends through this blog too. I don’t really get much comments and likes, but I do get some emails asking me on traveling trips. And today, come to my surprise, I received a nasty comment. The very first nasty comment! It is so nasty, it deserves a short post!

my first haters

Well, I am the type of person who can accept criticize by knowing I am not perfect and learning is an ongoing process and forever, I will learn how to write better in English. Since my spirit is high today, I take the high ground by accepting his critics as a constructive one. But Mr X, I am not sorry for your serious pain while reading some of my sentences since it is obvious that you don’t have that kind of endurance the balls to face this real life since you are easily hurt/ bittered by my so-so English level. Dalam bahasa kasar, anda bertelur satu di celah kangkang. Hal hal macam ni pun able to annoy you to the max. I never met any MALE in my life that spent their time reading a girl’s blog and get his panties all ruffled. Oh wait, men don’t wear panties. But I think you do. Cheap satin kind of.

But, the only and one thing I don’t get is – you really take your time to analyze one picture and you highlighted the BRA’S CURVE in addition to my ugly look? Why not you just stop at ‘UGLY’ and that’s it. Because I can tolerate being called ugly. Ugly to you doesn’t mean ugly to others. Maybe your girlfriend or your wife features is out of this world. But to some other guy, they mistaken your girl as Indon oldmaid. Maybe to your friends, they see you as the most handsome man in this planet earth, but, to me, you, in person –  can be a very ugly male in this whole galaxy and another galaxy next to this galaxy..  So ugly until I unable to use your face as  ASS WIPER. You see, your confession in that comment is showing how anal, analyst you are. Besides running some unpaid job as Grammar Nazi, you are showing the type of person you are – A Pervert bastard. And a pervert bastard like you always has one thing in common with the rest of pervert bastard in this world – A wanker. You are  simply, easy to get entertained by a simple picture of girls in their bikini. Not to mention that a fake photoshopped boobs on the internet can make you wanking your 2nd class penis, under your office desk while everybody has left at 6pm.

You might be some Oxford graduates in English Literature, but from your simple nasty comment, I can conclude that you still let your penis rules your brain and judgment. So, Good luck.

And, congratulation! For being my FIRST HATER!

*You can bring more of your friends. You guys really can rock my unique visitors’ stat!



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