Grand Canyon South Rim – The Trail of Time

2 billion years geology timeline to be exact and I did it in 3 hours time!

Hi, Salam bulan June. I had to write in English this time since I lost of my English readers for quite sometimes already. I will write in Bahasa in my next post ok?

I am about to finish all my long overdue post, all the places that I visited in March this year. I know some of you waiting for my post update on Grand Canyon. Yes, after coming to USA back and forth for about 4 years, I managed to visit Grand Canyon, finally! But don’t expect too much when you visit such a vast place as Grand Canyon in less than 3 hours time. Sad.

Why 3 hours? Well, we never planned to stay overnight or try out the trail that they have here. Trust me, they have a lot of trail and activities to do here. But since I came here with my sister in law, her health condition isn’t fit well with the activities here. Plus, we have Athena Sophia. So this will be short initial visit before we plan to do the longer one. I hope. So, let me tell you what you can see and experience Grand Canyon (South Rim) in 3 hours time! Haha.

So, we drove from Laughlin, Nevada for 5 hours and stay overnight at a small town called Flagstaff. Since we arrived in Flagstaff quite late, so we didn’t have a chance to explore this quintessential little town due to strong wind and exhaustion. We went out to have dinner at nearby Denny’s and wrap ourselves under the blanket back at the hotel. And call it a day.

Next day we were up early since we have another 127 km to go (from Flagstaff to South Rim). Plus toilet break stop. Once we arrived at the entrance gate, we were already late. Look at the queue.

However, this is USA. The queue won’t take that long. Thanks to National Park staff efficiency in handling the crowd. Because I believed this is how it look like everyday, all year round. If you wonder how much is the entrance fee (basic entrance fee), here’s the rate.

Parking your car will not be an issue. They have ample parking lot and if the area that closer to visitor centre / village is full, they will provide free shuttle bus for remote parking lot. So, quit wasting your time to find the best parking lot because there are always other people arrived this place way earlier than you.

Like I said earlier, they have many hiking trail, we choose the one that located on the left of the Headquarters building. It is a flat trail and plenty of tree shades.

The trail is so flat and well paved, I can say that, it is wheelchair friendly. Walk about 30 minutes and you will find your self at “Yavapai” Observation point. Please mind you that all the name of the trail and river here are based on indigenous/native language. Since this is their land.

You can pick and trail based on where you parked your car. And you will find yourself at another observation point with different name (there are 20 observations point/ View point) and don’t worry, you are still at South Rim. Not South Korea. What I meant is, you won’t get lost.

I can’t help but froze for a while. It is so huge and suddenly that calm feeling rushes into my senses and it blocked all the noises made by other visitors passing by. It just me and the horizon. I wonder how it looks like at night during the full moon. It must be heaven. But I can’t be standing here and dreaming for too long since I have my baby with me, and my tired sister in law due to the 30 minutes trail walk.

Later, we split. Mike and I (of course Athena Sophia as well) chose to walk along the “Trail of Time” which is about 1.2km long to enjoy the view and learn a little about old stones while my sister in law and her husband went back to the car and drive to our meeting point at the village. The weather is so bright and windy, we forgot to bring enough water with us except for Athena Sophia’s formula. So, please be reminded that, you need to bring plenty of water here if you wish to walk the trail.

Here are some of the pictures that I took with my Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition (FE). But I must tell you that nothing of these pictures do justice for the real view. Unless you posses a Sigma 200-500mm f2.8 APO EX DG lens if you get what I mean. And with a helicopter ride tour. Also, there is a little video that I managed to record and saved it on my Youtube Channel at the end of this post.

So yeah, no exotic photos of me hanging by the cliff what so ever. Because to do that you have to pay extra to go deep into the area which require you to stay more than 3 hours. And the glass bridge walk (skywalk) is at WEST RIM. Not South Rim. And that skywalk walk require additional $83. Apparently all the areas which enable you to have out of this world kind of pictures like those taken by National Geography Photographer requires extra $$. Or have native family as your foster family. Although, I saw a couple of hipster teen girl in full hiking gear (short short lycra pants with little tank top baring all the midriff complete with backpack) sitting by the edge of the cliff, posed and posed, like they just climb up the whole thing. Those pictures must be for Instagram. I knew that move. Been there, done that long before Instagram exist. Who am I to judge. LOL.

And oh, If you on a strict budget, you can always bring back Grand Canyon Spring Water with you since fridge magnet, key-chain and T-shirt here is over priced as usual. So get your empty water bottle ready!

I wish I had a time to do the “age of the Earth” walk which is another 2.5 km from the village to the Maricopa Point. And take train ride see the whole Canyon. But I guess I keep it as a dream for now and hope to do this again for real.

Our tour end at the Grand Canyon Village. We left this place immediately since we are rushing back to Laughlin, Nevada before sun down.


Grand Canyon, South Rim, Arizona.



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