Hitler so Pissed off cant surf the famous Scandalous website ~ The Gutter Uncensored

Haha.. this is funny. I found this while Im peeking one of my favorite – past time – blog ~ GutterUncensored. Ehs, Im not lap sap kinda thingy ok? This blog not just talking and displaying naked ass chicks, but also scandalous – believe it – or not – news which you cant find it in local news stand.

Haha.. they made the translation so real and I laughed my ass off. Btw, now gutteruncensored welcoming fans to rename their website / blogsite since their current name sound so explicit and you under 18 need parental advisory to click it in, not to mention attract the authority cum local politicians to block it.

They also launching the making of gala music video of Nazri’s son scandalous racy picture with Britney Spears’ Womanizer song as a background.

So to you creative awesome guys out there… Happy youtube-ing~!!

P/s – it is a shame knowing some malay politician’s kids behaving like this..



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