Hong Kong Disneyland : 7 years old, again…

I know, this might be the 71,458,626th entry on HongKong Disneyland. So it’s either you slowly click the X red button on the top right hand corner of your monitor screen, or just bear with my “act cute” camwhoring pieces =)

..and since 99% of the blogreaders already knew about this place very well, so I might just make this one as a photoblog. Save time and also help me to minimize the grammatical error too le. U know lar.. some people really wish they were an English teacher, with itchy hand to draw red circles and red crosses and red lines. highlighting all those grammar errors & give 4/100 marks.

So as u know, Disneyland HK is a huge property, it is impossible for us to cover every corner of it. So, better take their special package “Stay & Play“. You stay 1 night, but u can enter the park for 02 days with the price of 1.

The famous Disneyland HK hotel. They made it looks like big gigantic white castle, giving u the feeling of Cinderella or who is that unlucky girl has to dance with that ugly beast in “Beauty & the Beast”? Haaa.. like that ler.

Ah, lazy to photoshop (to make the sky looks more bluish) So that’s is the real sky in Lantau island, HK. Nothing different than our country.

If your height below 1 metre, I can assure that u will get lost inside it. Confirm. I tried already by duckwalking inside it. Almost got the buasir, still unable to find the exit.

Like a jakun peeps, took the picture of the hotel, upside down.

Lounge for the wizard & witches, not the bitches.

…and all hotel staffs looks cute and have a flawless skin. Walked further up to the theme park hor.. u will see a Wilbur Pan look alike, everywhere.

The room, the bed,

..with this seaview

The bathroom..

..and the girls who enjoyed it.. (the bathrobe is for acting purposes only, inside still got clothes on)

Took a quick bite in one of the restaurant, called Crystal Lotus. Tell u.. the foods were prepared in artsy way and super delicious too. But the one we ordered not so artsy tho, but in other people’s table, it is.

Crab meat and prawn rolls

Deep fried shrimp rolls

Mango Pudding.

U will bump into chio Disney character around the hotels. This Mulan made me looks really short … like a grass short. Hmmpphh.

Everytime u made into souvenir shops around, it is essential to try out the stuffs, posed with it, and not buying it.

Bear in mind, you will easily gets your armpit sweaty inside the park. It’s hot, it’s huge, it cramp with loads of people.

99% of the visitors, were trying hard to dress or become cute / act cute like Minnie Mouse I would say. Polka dots is a MUST. Here’s the proof;

An Absolute Minnie Mouse wannabe.

Standard shoot in Disneyland. WARNING: This could be veeerrryy Bohring.

A compulsory ride.

A compulsory try – outs

But I bet no one bother to take a picture with the baloons… so.. Im different a bit ler.

Pay a visit to some of their expensive souvenir shops

Ok. not so expensive. That would be around RM95.00. Not bad for a swarowski crystalled ring. Since I a fan of earring, I got myself a pair of swarowski mickey earring from here for HKD 190.

Among of all, I love the “It’s a small World” park. Can’t get enough with the view inside, we went there twice. It was like a big lego world..and love the song played in various language along the ride.

The song of “It’s a small world” has evoked the small little girl soul in me, leaving me humming to it until today.

Since October is approaching, all the decorations and foods in Disneyland changed to Halloween theme. Mr. Handsome Jack Skellington is everywhere! So we were among few hundreds guests who got a preview to a Disneyland Haunted Halloween event.

We went to Corner Cafe at the Mainstreet, USA, to have their signature Mickey Mouse waffle. But since it’s Halloween, we end up with this…

Lunch Menu for the Halloween month.

Bloody tomatoes soup

Bloody Black squid ink pasta

My friend end up with bloody dead pork ribs.

and we finished our lunch session with bloody chopped strawberries with chocolate coffin.


Oppss, silap rumah.

End of the day, I finally reached to the reason why I came here for….

..it was the most beautiful fireworks art I ever seen in my life…
HKD350. Worth it. No issues.



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  1. kenwooi

    October 2, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    woah nice place..
    and the fireworks.. wow..
    i never been to any disneyland before.. hehe.. =P


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