Hotel Review: Svarga Resort, Lombok

Date of stay : 27 – 29 October 2014

I was totally hooked up with Svarga Resort just by looking at pictures’ gallery on its website. After reading some reviews, I decided to give it a try.

Svarga Resort Lombok review 25

Located along Sengigi Beach and quite far from the action in Mataram (around 20km away). It is suitable for those who focus more on relaxing after went through adventurous activities in Lombok. The first impression once you stepped into this property is its Zen-ness. The whole property feels like a heavenly spa fort. Built only with 25 units, every units looks like a villa on its own so it gives you total privacy and you wish to have it forever.

Svarga Resort Lombok review 24

Sit on hilly contour, this resort however, is not suitable for the elderly, or those who is lack with stamina. When you stay here, you would noticed that you are literally a mountain climber and you climb few times a day (and you should be proud of yourself if you manage to do it without sweating and panting). So the total relaxation is applies when you not going anywhere and sit within your villa compound. haha. But on the contrary, you leave this resort feeling good with the possibility shredding few pounds of fat due to the climbing during your stay.

Svarga Resort Lombok review 29

Our stay came with free pick up from Teluk Nare jetty to the resort. Our arrival were welcomed with refreshing lemon grass juice and cold towel (totally spa treatment) and our room has been upgraded from Marva room to Adna Suite. I guess it is due to low occupancy during weekdays stay. However, you can’t help it by feeling sorry for the hotel staff that helped you with your luggage up to your villa. But still, they managed to do a little villa tour for you with a smile, sweat dripping from his forehead and not to mention – short of breath. Generous tipping is recommended for such effort I must say.

Svarga Resort Lombok review 23

Our unit is a double storey villa – without pool. I recon that Adna Suite came with private pool but since we got free upgrade, they put us in the one without pool 🙁

Svarga Resort Lombok review

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We have vast living room all to ourselves facing the lush greenery. Upstairs, is the bedroom with open sky bath tub which is, the main attraction of the room. I always dream of having an open sky bath tub or bath tub with a view. I know that only achievable of you are some millionaires. So, by having the opportunity to stay at a resort that offers a ‘dream bath tub’ is already made my dream resort stay came true 🙂

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We checked in by the afternoon, and we were hungry. Knowing that there is no local restaurants nearby, we choose to have our lunch at resort’s own called Salza Resto. It requires another climb which is quite extreme for my level of fitness. I stopped and rest for few times before I was able to reach the restaurant! But what awaits you is worth your effort.

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The foods were great too, commensurate with the price. I always a meat lover so I had a beef steak and Mike had a club sandwich.

Svarga Resort Lombok review 13

The foods were so great, we feel like we need to try their tidbits menu after dinner 🙂

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Svarga Resort Lombok review 14

The restaurant level is higher than tallest coconut tree in Lombok. That’s the climb you has to make here in this resort. Believe it or not, there are few units of higher category villa (Varda Suite) situated above this restaurant’s level. If you stay here for a week, I think you will end up with nice rear and solid legs and the amount of climb you made can sums up to Rijani’s height?

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Svarga Resort Lombok review 19

Despite the hardship of reaching your unit or any part of this resort, still it didn’t bother me or other guests that stayed here since it all compensated by resort’s immaculate service and standards. In fact, the guest can request to have their complimentary breakfasts delivered to their villa without extra charge. That was what we did the next day since I had a great headache and unable to make the climb. I was surprised by the extensive range of the menu delivered to our room.

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Svarga Resort Lombok review 8

You should not miss the spa treatment when you are here. The price range is cheaper compared to Kuala Lumpur and the massage were great. I paid RP95000 for 2 hours traditional massage on our check out day before transfer to the airport. In fact, your spouse can use the spa facilities such as shower and changing cloth while waiting for you.

Svarga Resort Lombok review 31

While Mike was waiting for me, the hotel manager came to him had a little chat by the hotel lobby. He asked Mike about the experience staying in this resort and also generously gave him a bottle of mineral water since it was a very sunny afternoon. (I don’t remember being at any hotel or resort that still give you complimentary mineral water after check out). Although Mike said that he has nothing to complaint about,  but the hotel manager apparently can guess about the climbing.

It seems like the management really do something with their guests’ opinion and suggestion. 2 months after our stay, Svarga announcing that they are installing a lift to their property on their website.

no more climb in svarga

So, if you decided to try Svarga Resort Lombok after this, lucky you!

And oh! Every guest received a little token of appreciation from the resort during check out which is a hand weaved pouch 🙂

In a scale of 1 – 5, here is my score towards Svarga Resort, Lombok;

Value for money : 4/5

Food : 5/5

Staff Service: 5/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5

Would recommend : Yes.

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Jalan Raya Senggigi, Kerandangan, Desa Senggigi Kec. Batulayar
West Lombok – West Nusa Tenggara 83355 Indonesia
Phone (+62) 370 6195999 (Hunting) Fax +62 6195888



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