How to Get Premium Apps in Google Play Store for FREE

Tired using apps with limited function? I know how annoying it is when you can’t get rid the watermarks when you use FREE photo and video editing apps. And oh, the advertisement. You need to watch 15 seconds advertisement video in order to use certain function, forever.

Now you can buy the premium apps in Google Play without having to charge onto your bank card. It is so easy and require a very little of your time. Sound very fancy isn’t it?

For android users, you can download Google Opinion Rewards. Your opinion is matter and being paid in this apps. You don’t even have to type in or create your own words. It’s all in multiple choice answer. There is no trick behind this post ok. I am just sharing the information. I don’t get any commission in this. No referral code either.

But first, you need to have Google account. If you have gmail account, meaning you have Google account. There is no bank account or any other sensitive information needed. Because the money that you get from this apps can only be used to buy stuff in Google Play Store.

You will get only ONE question per day and the amount that you get is vary depending on the question. Each question on takes less than ONE minute for you to answer.

So far, the highest paid I got for one review is 0.55 cents. Here is the cumulative amount I’ve earned since I joined March 29, 2018.

So, there you have it. Enjoy giving honest review and your new premium apps!



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