Husband, wife and Valentines.

I never viewed Valentine’s or heart’s day is important. In fact, I don’t remember whether I did celebrate one, ever. I never really like chocolates because it is too sweet or the cocoa always taste like expired one. I am not a fan of plush toys too because I hate the dust piled on it. About dust, I have a serious sickness towards it. My husband knew about it and said I am a crazy person because I try to fight dusts. Every single dust.

It happen that my husband is not a romantic person. He is kind hearted but not romantic. So, the chance for us to having dreamy Valentine’s day – 12 thousand of roses, candle light dinner, movie and end the day with hot steamy sex is like zero. Well, I don’t care about Valentine’s either. Because once both of us have enough fund, we go special places and do stupid things regardless day or month. (but my birthday is a must).

But…. !!!!!!

valentine 2015

 … is nice to get flowers from someone that loves you once in a while. So I just took an opportunity on this day, Valentine’s day, to get one too 😛

It seems like flowers are easily to get during February the 14th. Like a fiesta, flower galore, although the price is little bit so much ridiculous. Seriously, it has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. If he regularly buy me flowers, bunga lalang sekalipun, I don’t bother about getting roses today.

I told him about a couple we both know, the boyfriend always buy flowers to the girlfriend. Flowers for weekends, flowers when they miss each other, flowers when she switched job, flowers when he come to see her, flowers when he feels like to buy her. And then my husband said to me “crap, now he stuck with it. He unable to stop buying her flowers in the future and if he do, it will become an issue”

Well, the harder for him to buy me flowers, the more I want it. So, the morning of February the 14th, he came to bed with flowers. I said “yays”, took the flowers and continue my sleep.

valentines 2015 husband and wife story

After I got out of bed and fully awake, we continue our day like yesterday and days before yesterday. But because of the flowers, he added a line which is different than normal conversations we always had.


do you know that Valentine’s Day is a sham?


to him, Valentine’s Day is just a profit generating scheme and marketing and makes  stupid guys to spend money on flowers, chocolates and everything red, at 500% mark up.

So, jangan ingat semua lelaki mat salleh sambut Valentine’s Day ni. Kau yang melayu pulak sebuk nak Valentine’s kan. Pastuh baby shower lah, bridal shower lah, golden shower kau tak nak?

In conclusion, although it look like my husband and I have a lot NOTHING in common, but this one, we both agreed (and traveling around the world too), tapi saja je aku buang tabiat ini tahun. I know that I’m acting like a jerk. But I learn it from the best – which is Mike la.

And because of this, he is stuck with buying me flowers on our wedding anniversary and maybe my birthday. Since I can see he is capable to buy the flowers lah.  But today, this will be my 1st and last flowers I got on February the 14th.

Moral of the story: Jangan nak mengada sangat lah. Orang yang mengada nak bunga time Valentine’s Day ni adalah orang yang tak cukup kasih sayang. Hehu.



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