I-City revisited

Since my last discovery of this city of lights  I don’t know that it has change so much. From only tree lights, now I-city has becoming (almost) a theme park in its own way. I took it for granted, because it located just behind my house so, I don’t bother to check it out and pay for it.

This place will keep on expanding and will become “Theme Park City”. Soon, Best Western Hotels will be developed here too.

Working in travelling industry really has its perks. Invitation to check out new product or new travel destinations, Familiarization trip and meeting new people are part of interesting side of tourism field. The bad part tok sah story lah. I’ve met a client wanted to go to Hongkong Disneyland, complete with flight tickets with budget of RM 250. Best kan? Nak terberak aku quote. Last last tell me the budget is RM 250. Duduk rumah watch Mickey Mouse on TV lah kak.

So for you yang berangan nak ke Hongkong Disneyland with that budget, I suggest you spend your kids’ school holidays here in Icity lah.

The latest attraction in I-city is “Red Carpet” – A collection of very ‘young’ version of celebrities, world leaders, inventors and athletes in a wax figure. For those who had been to London and Hongkong’s Madame Tussauds might find this a little shitty. But, come on, this place is a great start (walaupun collections nya nan hado) for those who can’t afford to go holiday abroad like others. Alah..jangan nak berlagak la you olls, you olls pun naik low cost carrier jek pegi melancong.

Very the walk of fame kan… Kelas kau.

Once you entered this House of Wax, (silap. itu horror movie with Paris Hilton in it), you will be welcomed by Mr Bean. Actually this wax museum is newly operated in I-city. The installation is still in progress. Soon, these wax figures will have a movement and motion, responding to your touch (um, sounds very wrong here. But trust me, it’s not like what you think. Please. haha)
Well, for those who has traveled the globe, and still has spare time during weekends, best jugak datang sini.. buang masa. You can easily spend like 2 hours inside here. Berangan posing posing kan. Lagi lagi IGers.

Contoh seperti abang ni. Very the berangan kan..

Seriously I can’t act. Look at me, who threatening a pirate with a smile and hand on waist like that. What a poser.

So, I tried again. Ah, this one is better.
FYI, they provide the props for you to play around as well. Like books, jacket, sword, martial art equipment and many more so that you can play the part and become one of the wax figure (eh?)

Here is me concentrating on the notes. Hey, someone on Instagram asked me “oh! you know how to play piano?” I mean seriously? with Elton John besides me and dead Pavarotti singing in front of me? This set up is so damn good then! 

…and what is wax ‘museum’ without Mr Presley…
Berangan habis aku you olls…
From legend to current performer, this place is kinda okay for a start.

and then this place also has of ‘Guinnes book of World Record” section. Women with longest tongue. Nasib tak bercabang. I bet she can finish the ice cream in one lick.

Man with biggest nose. You know, how funny it was when I told my boyfriend about the myth of how people can figure out the size of men’s private part from the size of his nose. So, when I showed him this picture, he immediately said to me “oh, can you imagine how big is his private part?”

..and this. Makes everyone happy. Including me. What a nurturing sight and I bet every man feel nurtured with this sight too.

Man with biggest muscle. Smokin’ Flexinnnnn’ yo.

Mr Rambo masa muda lah.

and my catman. I am a cat person and I almost wanna hug & kiss him!! Lucky I quickly realized I’m on work and with a group of professionals. I manage to restrain myself real good.

Well, they have hundreds of wax figures. But since we are allowed to tour around in 45 minutes, so, that’s all I got. I had to take my colleague pictures with crazy berangan pictures too!
As usual, gift shop at the end of it. Anyways, the idea of celebriducks is kinda brilliant. But I don’t  know how this celebriducks able to give you kids a different bath time experience compare to normal yellow rubber duck.

You pout well, Mr T!

And then after that we went to visit a Trick Eye Museum next door. It’s the same with one in Seoul, Korea and quite shitty if compared with the one in USA.

Next is House of Horror.

Well, it wasn’t that horrific. The fact they use plastic mannequin  is horrific. I was expecting real human with scary costume. 

Dusty cupboard scares me though.

Here, I manage to take a video to show you what’s going on in that dark room. Yes! They should name it “Screaming Dark Room” instead of House of Horror lah.

See? Apparently the ghosts scream when they see us, the human.

and then suddenly I was in the big, freezing, icy room below 5 degree celcius. With my short dress and my well ventilated heels.

I was unable to capture much because I was freezing cold at the 50th second. Not even 1 minute! I already hate air cond at my office when they put it at 16 degree celcius. And now is below 5?

That was the quickest tour I made in my entire life. 50 seconds. I went out with terrible headache and headed home, skipped wet world and other attraction the I-city has to offer. Damn.

Oh, by the way, they have Tornado / Hurricane alley just like the one in USA, here in their water park, wet world Icity. 1st one in Malaysia.

So, yeah. Go. Fill up your weekends here. I recommend. It is not really that bad.
Oh Malaysiaku yang Indah! 



D-1-G, Jalan Multimedia 7/AJ
City Park, I-City
40000 Sham Alam Malaysia.
TEL: 03 5521 8800
General Enquiries: help@i-city.my
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