I didnt SHOUT cuz no AWARD for shouting =)

…but I went there just to see what SHOUT they are shouting about.

Since every artist / actor got few seats reserved so that they can bring friends and foe :p , so here I am.

No, she wasnt there with me, that’s why I got the seat haha.
Rushing from my office to Bukit Jalil, it was jam packed. I wonder why 8TV chose to do this award show same as Manchester United Vs Malaysia football match. No good.. no good… 1 hour inside the car, and my belly sang melodicly hungry.
My friend was so bad, he never told me that I had to walk through red carpet. I know Im no celebrity and no camera will pointing at me, but still la.. what I wore last night was like plain black which totally off. The theme was supposed to be “funky” ok?
As usual. every award event they had a pre cocktail party – red carpet walk – show – post party. I was surprised foods were way too variety and tasty compared to all cocktail parties I have attended under hotelier function.
So while the fans queing outside the stadium, finding their seat with mineral water bottles in their hands, the celebrities & VIP’s happily eating and drinking inside the aircond room.
Since I really dont follow what’s up with our local music / film industry (well, dont blame me, all our local movies weren’t listed inside moviefather.com Oh btw BRUNO is now online ready!!!) So I really cant name most of the celebrities inside the room, but their faces looks familiar tho.
Mr. Paul Moss busy criticizing maybe? I dont want to ask him to take picture with me, later he will like “who are u? Sorry to say that, yours is the lousiest dress that I ever seen in pre cocktail history”
Celebrity under the flash light. Yet I dont take pictures with all those celebrities cuz I will meet them more in near future. Man man ler. After 3 years of long sadness (that break up, was the lowest point, major failure in my life..), I am thinking to go back to busy with event & invitation again now, no more homie, lonesome episode.
We came together to this award, and who ever wanted professional make up artist, he 🙂 is the right person you should find. Anyone interested just holla at me. He is gorgeous didnt he? Will book him for my New Year Dinner event, absolutely. That night alone we talked alot from skin care to flatten the tummy lo.
New artist under Mujik’s Production.
Who ever well conversed in Malaysian’s Couture business, sure will recognize him – Hatta Dolmat.
My friend of 15 years.. why he giving a cute face?
We manage to maintain a very long goofy friendship cuz we have 1 secret – both of us so vain about Neverland.
8TV version of MTV’s Award show – The 1st ever SHOUT AWARD. The event was so hip, until it made me feels so – like auntie. Cuz I only know Joe Flizzow and asking my friend “who is Bunkface, caprice, Jin Hackman, One Buck Short btw?” (Apologize to their fans oh)

The winner of 1st category – Favorite Radio Show. (Manage to take this since my seat just next to him)

U see, the artiste seat wasnt great if for taking close shot of of performers la. Quite far u know? Those shouters even closer to the stage only minus the seat.
So below are few shots taken by my sad cammie. Wanna see nice quality picture, go read news paper please. or go here, here and here. At least I didnt feel sleepy through out the show (which I always did infront of the TV)

I thought Jacklyn Victor was going to do the moonwalker for the MJ tribute. Heh.

I remember when I met him 7 years ago when he still with Too Phat. Cartello Ello. To me he is Malaysian Jay-Z.

Sean Preston backside only. Unless if he is Jay-Z or Mariah Carey, Im sure run to him for upclose shot.

then, my friend whisper to me, “this fat boy really makes the stage look alive even without dancers, props and fireworks.”
Hurmmm.. stage presence of international artist always look stronger without they have to overdo it…. Or it just me & my friend see it in a wrong way?
Some video poorly taken. Want see high quality, wait to watch 8TV for “Siaran Ulangan” la ya…

We left in the middle of Sean Preston performance & skipped the post party too. Trying to be brilliant not to caught up in jam.

1 am, we had our own supper party at OldTown White Coffee Bangsar South.

End of Friday.



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