“More than anything else in Asia that I want to see in September, I want to see you. I want to make you mine when I am there. I don’t know how I can keep you after that. I don’t know where I will be or what I will be doing. Somehow, I will find a way to keep you.”

He said it back in year 2011 when his heart has decided I am  “that girl”

Woman at my age knows what she wants and knows what’s the best for herself. Remembering the time when I was young, I realized every choice and decision I made was wrong. Mistakes after another and I keep on wishing that I will be given a second chance to make it right since then. Now, that I am glad that I have the chance to do it all over again, at this age. I am blessed.
I am glad that I am able to finally experience a true meaning of union of a man and a woman at the very basic.
A wedding officiant (Kadi)
A Wali which is my brother
2 witness
Immediate family and BFF
Dowry (mahar)
Wedding Rings
Nice but not so expensive attire so that people can tell we are the bride & groom.
However, when it comes to ring, I am such an ass person. It took me 2 months to find the sparkler that struck my heart when I first see it. Well, I am no Kim Kardashian to get a 15 Carat sparkler, but I am truly happy with 1 Carat solitaire with 42 encrusted diamonds  *pause. staring at my ring* and it is the second most beautiful thing I ever get in my entire life after Mike’s care & attention. I can stare at my ring in 1001 different angles during my free time, so now I don’t have time to play Candy Crush on my mobile phone anymore.
I always love champagne color. It is the most classy color in pastel chart. Also, I am a big fan of tulle so I got it done in a simple dress which can serve me both decent look for solemnization & modern outdoor photoshoot. Veil sewn by my sister 3 days before the wedding. As for Mike’s attire, it was prepared 4 days before the wedding at RM 120. My brother gave him his ‘Songkok’ (Fez) which he use it on every Friday and sampin is borrowed from my brother in law. So we got the something old, something new and something borrowed.
I bought this shoes 2 days before the wedding. Last pair left of the shelves, in MY SIZE. Well, it just meant to be my wedding shoes, waited for me to pick it up, I guess. With 15% discount. RM 160. It didn’t took me that long to like the design. Once I saw big bow, I knew that is my type of wedding shoes that I wanted to be seen on my feet.
I know berinai (henna) is not a sunnah, but I get it to cover up my dry hands 🙁 and it really helps to fire up my look as a bride. No fancy majlis berinai. I drove to the mall nearby my house and get it done in 30 minutes. Mike stood besides me enjoying the process because it is his first time seeing it. RM60.
It happen that I have a lot of friends and ‘adik angkat’ that doing freelance in Make up artist and photography. So, I don’t need to queue or book in advance for this area. Just whatapp and confirmed.
So, while the groom took 10 minutes to get ready, it took almost forever for the bride. Nampak sangat tak natural beauty.

Tak dapat muka secantik Che Ta, bulu mata ala ala Che Ta pun… aci lahhhh.

I saw this hairdo from youtube and I asked her to do it for me.

The session is wrapped out with the veil. Among of all items on my wedding day, I love the veil the most. My sister must sewn it with love & heart full with sincerity.

Puff some powder on that nose before put on earrings. I never thought I will ever wear pearl accessories before age 50. Rasa macam umur Rosmah Mansoor je tau pearl pearl ni. But the dress & the color seems suits it very well. The earring was a gift from my officemate when he went tour leading a group in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and my bracelet was a gift from my boss when we were in Pearl shop in Beijing.
No necklace because I don’t want it to look too much since the neck of the dress is heavily laced..
The solemnization ceremony is scheduled at 10AM at Pejabat Agama Islam Ipoh.
So for those who get used to see fancy solemnization at the comfort of home, sitting on big fluffy cushion, infront of the fancy pelamin OR at the Mosque, I show you what it is like in the office of Religious Department.

Ours is kinda special. It was performed by deputy director of religious department in Ipoh, Perak.

I did asked Mike whether he feel nervous like the most of those guys I knew, he smiled and answered me ‘no’.

From that moment I knew, he is so ready to marry & to take care of me & very sure that what he got himself to. He is not afraid of what future may come because he finally got me in it. And because of that,  Im not afraid too.

I got texts from few of my friends asking how many times Mike had to pronounce it (lafaz akad). I told them how hard it is to say ‘I DO’?

The wedding officiant says it all complete with my name & mahar. All the groom has to say at the end is ‘I Do’.
Sesungguhnya Islam itu mudah. Hanya adat Melayu menyusahkannya.
Anyways, it was twice. Because the wedding officiant (tok kadi) mentioned the mahar ‘one hundred thousand instead of one thousand’.
hmmm kalau tak, kaya mak dapat rm seratus  ribu mas kawin gitu.

Ring exchange and all.

pose sikit2  untuk kamera PHONE yang ada…

and after lunch at the hotel, we took santai pose with the family.

Mike with my mom. He said my mom is cute for great grandmom at age 72. So I know he is now not worrying  about how I look when I reach that age anymore. Because I will be looking as cute as my mom. Hehe.

and that is the last day my brother able to treat  me like a little girl.

with my pet sister who helped me a lot. I couldn’t thanked her enough,  now I have to find the best gift for her during my honeymoon in the states. She is the one who drove me &  my family around in Ipoh. My bridesmaid and a photographer. No she is not a freelance photographer. All she do is took photos with his samsung tab and then I set my dslr to Auto mode & let her snap pictures during the ceremony as anyhow she likes it. Because in the end,  it will be me to edit it 🙂

so,  start feeling feeling photoshoot ala poster la kan…

Some taken by my husband,  Mike, when my pet sister has to go to toilet.

After that we went to Kellis Castle for outdoor photoshoot gitu.

My pet sister paid for the entrance fee RM5 for local & RM10 for foreigner plus RM50 for CAMERA FEE!! Total RM75 for all of us and thats her wedding gift to me. Thats the most memorable & useful wedding gift ever a friend can give to another friend! Now I got all 800 nice digital pictures which I can freely choose & edit anyhow I like!!!

I can’t put all 800  though. I am on my way to Alaska for wedding reception & honeymoon trip, 4 days after these pictures taken. In fact, Im updating this post from Seattle airport, on my mobile phone while waiting for my flight to Anchorage, Alaska

Thank you for the well wishes and doa from you guys. I am glad that I am able to share my happiness among friends although it is only through Instagram, facebook and blogspot.
Also, Thank you as well to those who think that we were not going to make it, because you gave me the chance to prove you are dead wrong. It is YOU who are not going to make it in LOVE and HAPPINESS so you need to drag everybody else with that nasty thoughts because you do not want to be alone in being pathetic lonesome. Hey, aku tak payah date berpuluh mat salleh untuk kawin with one lah. Classy sangat lah kau tu ya hanya sebab head to toe pakai branded.
Untuk sedara mara & kawan2 yang lain… jangan cakap aku tak hebahkan berita baik ya…kalau tak,  mcmana you olls dapat tau dari instagram, facebook & blog? kira dah hebah la ni kan.
next post-reception di Alaska & honeymonth pictures 🙂



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