I dream.

Dear William, thank you for letting me keep the crown, anyway its too slippery for your almost baldy head. Yes I lost to Kate now but I know we are destiny to be like your daddy Charles & step mother Camilla in 15 years time. I will get you back here on my lap. Love u. xoxo.

TM 050

TM 060

I know. It’s a fairytale come true for Kate Middleton, but while the girls and I were watching the live telecast of the Royal wedding of the century, we were screaming! NO! not because there goes our dreamy smile dream prince. It’s his bald patch! Why can’t he just;

1) Plant some hairs
2) Shave that head bald
3) Wear a royal wig

It’s your big day and the whole world is watching! How could Kate didn’t do anything about it? If she managed to get William to get her on the throne, don’t tell me she unable to talk William out about what to do with that patch on their big day! Gosh. Don’t tell me she has a fetish towards patchy skull! How could she make love to it?! Arrgghh… save me & my imagination from picturing their love making session. Arrgghhh! How could you William? I mean.. How could you Kate??

F1 17

So, I was at Rain Bi’s F1 Sepang concert. Not to say his solo concert la. I had to stand and torture myself to watch Ford’s (Malaysia) Supermodel’s search finale. Who cares about those long legged girls strutting in their skinny jeans, wiggling their boobs and hair at the temperature of  28 degree Celsius? Sorry Ford’s girls, forgive me to break the truth to you.  It wasn’t you who make the temperature hot on 10th April. It was the heat from the racing circuit. I’m not jealous. What the heck for? I paid RM250.00 to watch my 1st ever concert and my dream Korean guy! But I had to go in 2 hours before he start his performance because I was too short to stand behind! Screw you. How does it make us feel down here, sweating like a pig, smell like a gutter, and watching you strutting your thin ass on the stage and Rain look at super ugly with sticky armpit us right after that?

Rain Bi concert

So, that was the moment, I’ve been waiting for. I never been to any concert in my entire life. I can’t stand standing too long, cramping with smelly sweating peoples (or was it me?) and got my foot stepped by inconsiderate jumping bastards plus whacking my head with their elbows! IT’S NOT COOL BEING    4’ 9’’ okay! I repeat – Not COOL!

Rain Bi concert 1
rain bi concert 2

and why he has that camel toe on his crotch? I want to see big bulging crotch with what I have paid! Not the camel toe! You didn’t tear your shirt off, you made us watching skinny ass Ford’s supermodel finalist 1 hour before you start, you seldom come to stage section where I stand and I can’t take a closer picture of you! And now Camel Toe? How could you?!!!

and oh, thank you for a 3 second of your famous hip grinding.

But no thanks. It was too short to turn me on! Urggh.

But then, you really bring back my teenage dream alive at the age like this (um, secret). It has been so long I never screamed over a guy, especially a stranger like you. So, I was very curious.. how is it look like if you are mine..
Rain Bi is my BF
It looks perfect.… haha.

miss nina office

Was at my girlfriend’s office, somewhere at Menara TM (heheh). We’ve been friends for 15 years and I never had a chance to drop by at her working place at all until last Friday. Her office is so cool – they had a big freezer with wall’s free ice creams and big ass tv! They welcome me like they knew me for ages. Gosh, it explains why she able to stay up late and so committed to her work – she has a happy working environment and awesome workmates! I never imagined that able to watch live telecast tv program in someone’s office – during working hour with their boss around! How cool is that? In addition to the coolness of her office, it happened that one of her friend was there, with mountains of Coach, Burberry and Aigner handbags for sale! she just came back from her UK trip and she got it cheap and she do have a website selling authentic branded items at cheaper price! Whoa! Icy cool! Ladies, gotta drop by at her website once your bonus in 🙂 Gotta reward yourself once or twice in a year!

By looking at the stuffs she sell, I asked her – “So, tell me. What about your own collection? You must have a room full of Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and all back at your place? “She just giggled back at me. I knew it! She one hell of a lucky lady! she must be the happiest woman on earth! Arggh.

“I don’t dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living.” Steven Spielberg

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