I hate morning flight and thanks to this hotel : Tune Hotel Klia2

It has been a long time since my last visit to an airport. The last time was 4th May this year and it was KLIA. It means that I work myself to bore and it kills the fun side of me. Lucky that Mike appear on October so without wasting any minutes we book a flight out of the country. Both of us always like crystal water beach, white sand and the sun, we were deciding to go either Boracay, Lombok or East Malaysia. And for those who followed me on Instagram, you know which destination we picked.

Our flight was quite early, 8.40 AM. Meaning we had to be at the airport 2 hours before for luggage check in and decent breakfast. My house is 1.5 hours from the airport meaning we had to wake up like 4 AM and pay like million ringgit for taxi fare. Some people don’t mind doing that or they always have a good help from someone who willing to sacrifice their sleep, toll fare and petrol on week day. Oh well, unfortunately we don’t have that convenience.

I love travel. That’s the truth. But the process of getting to the airport in Kuala Lumpur is tiring. Especially morning flight. So we decided to stay in hotel nearby.

Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 00

Yep. It’s Tune Hotel. Actually this is not my first time using Tune Hotel by the airport for morning flight. This is my second time 😛                          The first time was at old LCCT airport and the experience made me swear to never use this hotel even for few hours transit. The ‘add on’ system was a total bullshit. I don’t know if any of you stay in old Tune Hotel by LCCT? You need to pay additional $$ of air condition (according to hours of usage), Towel and Toiletries. Lucky they never thought of selling the electricity by hours that time.

Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 1
Tune Hotel KLIA2 facade
Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 2
Tune Hotel KLIA2 lobby

Not anymore! With RM 160 per night, the experience of new Tune Hotel KLIA2 made me write a review about it. The lobby itself is cozy enough for you to relax and wait for your early flight without you need to check in into the room.

Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 4
Tune Hotel KLIA2 reception

Fast check in and CHECK OUT process at the reception.

Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 15
Tune Hotel KLIA2 smoking area

and it has a cute pavillion for smoker like Mike.

Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 20
Tune Hotel KLIA2 Internet area
Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 5
Tune Hotel KLIA2 room key

discounts for next stay. Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 6it has auto sensor light alley. It only lights up when moving object detected walks through. I think because of this they can afford to include the room with air condition without additional charges now! *clapping hands*.

Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 7
Tune Hotel KLIA2 room number

 Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 8This is better than the most budget hotel in city center.

Now let’s take a look at the interior.

Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 9
Tune Hotel KLIA2 room interior

 The purpose of Mike standing there is to show a decent space that the room has. Yes, like other budget transit hotel, the room didn’t come with wardrobe and tea/coffee making facilities. It is understandable because you only here for few hours sleep and refresh before your flight.

Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 11
Tune Hotel KLIA2 room interior

 But it comes with flat screen TV

Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 10
Tune Hotel KLIA2 room interior

 and yays! the towels

Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 12
Tune Hotel KLIA2 room interior
Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 17
Tune Hotel KLIA2 bathroom

 yays! The toiletries! And it has very cute illustration on it.

Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 14
Tune Hotel KLIA2 bathroom

 Good size bathroom with separate shower area and dry area plus bath mat 😀

Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 13
Tune Hotel KLIA2 bathroom

Ok enough about the room. The creme de la creme of this hotel is; IT IS 4 MINUTES WALK TO THE TERMINAL. Unlike old Tune hotel by LCCT. you had to pay additional $$ for shuttle service to the airport. Meh.

Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 3

Come rain or shine, it is still 4 minutes walk. Because it is covered walkaway path and bridge WITH ELEVATOR

Tune Hotel KLIA2Tune hotel klia 2 18

Tune Hotel KLIA2DSC00026
View of Tune Hotel KLIA2 from the bridge

You may also call this 4 minutes walkaway bridge as a MAGICAL TUNNEL TO HAPPINESS. For all of you should already know that, KLIA2 is a SHOPPING MALL HEAVEN Terminal like no other Airport Terminal in this world. It has everything like big shopping malls do minus bowling alley and Cinema hall. If someday they add those two, I will move to Sepang.

Tune Hotel KLIA2DSC00027

I mean, this is like you stay at The Garden Hotel next to Mid Valley Shopping Mall. Or Marriott next to Pavillion. Waiting for the flight departure is no longer tiring as I knew. We had nice dinner and walk around the mall, buy more necessity stuff that we forgot to pack at Jaya Store (Yes! they have grocery store selling vegetables and fruits). This is good for the tourist too –  their flight departure can be as late as possible with no worry about having to pay additional hotel late check out since KLIA2 can make your long hours waiting into I-almost-missed-my-flight. I will write a review on KLIA2 next since there were too many negative review about it while I found it as a myth.

But, oh, only one thing never changed at Tune Hotel by the airport… we still can hear footsteps and people whispering outside the door 😐

Anyways, hope my review and experience provides a little fix for those who has problem handling early flight departures.

You are welcome!



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