I love you too.

Husband:  I’m going to a bonfire tonight, bbq tomorrow night after work. I wanted to tell you I’m happy being married to you.
Wife: Really? Even Im not around you for 7-8 months? Maybe because im not around makes u happy! ha! that’s what the Russian Alex told me. Mike is a happy man ! No wife around! Freeman! hahhahaha!
Husband : Yes! I tell everyone about you! My family wishes you were here and coworkers wish they could meet the woman who puts up with me. We’re going to the bonfire. I love you.
Wife: Send my regards to them. What put up with you? Throwing socks and shirts and punching pillow when you were angry? They should know HOW YOU put up with me. haha.

p/s: you always makes me feel nothing else is matters. Even the world. I’ve got you now. I am complete.


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