I StandOut in Life – True Story: An email to my boss

Ok la. I know Im unable to attend the Tiger and Nuffnang party cuz Ima Muslim and I do not drink alcohol. Whatever… I attended alot of party with free flow Champangne & Vodka and I did not feel rugi at all for not sipping it, so what is Tiger Beer le?

But I still consider my writes up here to my Russian boss on last Friday morning is the most STAND OUT thing in life which, I guess only people with balls capable enough to do this. (Ok, I dont have balls cuz Ima girl, but please read here what does it mean by “man with balls” translate.

**Name has to be changed for privacy issue. Hehe.

Dear M,

I am very sorry to write you such unexpected email and this does not mean I lost my respect on you as my superior.

What I am about to express here is the continuity of indisposed “nod” which I gave to you regarding the commission basis system that you brought up in the staff brief meeting yesterday afternoon.

Yes, in “accounting manner” it is a very easy and simple calculation and from my personal opinion as someone who responsible balancing company balance sheet, it is a very fair idea for the company as well as for staff who directly involves in sales such as communication manager (VK), Operation (LPC) and Reservations (myself, NK)

But what’s bothering and devastating issue here is, what all this commission system bring to the person who in charge in Accounting Department? I hope that you did not forget about the responsibility that she holds in Accounting area. If you and everybody think “accounting department” is only a tiny piece of work, simple and straight and everybody capable to maintain it, well, I rest my case. But do you notice that all management decision being stuck from the very first year of EA been operating? Until it took management almost half year to decide how many month bonus for every staff, half year to decide the staff increment and now, when to implement the “commission basis” system? As soon as the closing of 31st March 2009 accounting period? With summer camp student coming, VIP Embassy FAM Trip, training new staff and attending endless hotelier calls on our production, monitoring profit per booking – I think it can be only start to operate by next year.

I know now you put the priority to find assistant for Reservations so that I can focus more on Accounting, BUT it doesn’t mean that I finally can exercise my ability and creativity, specialize it in one area is it? Still there will be a PR job for me with the hotelier, monitoring the tactical by the hotels, applying my creativity for the student during summer program and endless inquiry from Communication Manager for his ludicrous hobby losing the copy of the hotel contract which I neatly filed with colorful tab file.Not to mention special task from you and the other director which demanding the work to be swift and perfect.

M, Im not complaining, but HIGHLIGHTING what I am capable of. I NEVER mention that I am unable to execute what already have been on my both shoulder for these past 2 years. If you still want to proceed with the commission basis system, go a head. You have my 150% support. But could you at least consider to REVISE and to RECONSIDER the salary portion for the person work in Accounting Department?

You already mentioned yourself that company has a budget of hiring up to RM2000 for a new personnel, i.e reservation assistant. What on earth am I doing along this time handling 2 departments, cracking my head to prove my constant inspiration and passion for both departments and in the end just to find out there is no revision in my salary? And somehow my “new” assistant’s salary is three quarter of my existing salary by checking hotel availability and confirming hotel booking?

I totally disagree with your decision on benchmarking your existing staff value and salary by looking, referring to failure and error that occurs to the company system such as MT, Elvira, Kirill or Usman. That is so wrong. The management start to come up with the system based on those people and implement it onto existing staff who already proven trustworthy, hardworking, creative, tolerate and only cries inside her car on her way home from work when she felt undervalued? No matter how many of those personnel checking in to and out from EA like a cheap hotel in China Town, did I ever let you down?

I accept the offer in EA on February 2007 because “Z” told me it was to maintain full set of accounting, and the offer fit to the current market salary and the job scope. Then became assisting in reservations, then became so – called – Reservations Manager, then became all rounders. But since it is in my blood to take up the challenge and to prove that nothing I cant do, it doesn’t require degree in Tourism to master the reservations and all work links to it, it doesn’t require Masters in graphic design or system programmer to come up with beautiful leaflet and linking invoice to the service voucher.

If you start to mention all the gifts and complimentary which company had given me, the other way company try to say “Thank You, NK”, well I deserve that! But it doesn’t mean it stop the management to assess and consider my hardwork and my salary just because of those endowments.

M, you always mentioned about we here work and together as a family. But do you ever sense this, one of your family member struggle to live a better life, as normal as normal people that you know? From mineral water to car petrol, from her own plate of rice to a mother’s pocket money, she works it out all on her own. The commission based systems sound very insecure to me somehow. Person like me want something fixed, clear and plan – able for her future life. I know EA is not a charity, welfare organization, but it act as if a welfare house for many such as MT and the others. I did not ask you to do the same thing for me because you know you will have something in return from me, for the company.

Apologize if any of these words somehow jolting up the pride of a boss, but I am taking my chance and risking my position in EA which might end up being in directors’ resolution – to pack up my stuff. Because I am starting to hate myself for such low quality work I am about to produce now, I hate myself for starting to close down my “circus” mind towards the company.. I really wish I can put up more show for EA out of what I have in my mind”

~The End.~

The result? My boss called to step in to his room on fine Monday morning, and after some elaboration of every paragraph of my writes up, – me & everybody entitled for salary increment for almost 1k during this recession period.

I am STAND OUT in this REAL LIFE indeed.

Anybody wanna share anystory, experience with your boss? Boxx me.

P/S: I love you boss. Forever.




  1. ~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T

    May 26, 2009 at 6:13 am

    awesome! it’s so worth it now, no?

    *hugs* way to go gurl!

  2. Sean Lon

    May 26, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    though.. i couldnt understand alot of the terms used, i find yr effort very bold. It’s very hard to standup and express your thoughts. But like they say “berani kerana benar”. So thanks for sharing. 😀

  3. c0co

    May 31, 2009 at 9:14 am

    are you going to the party???=D~*

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