Iditarod 2015

Being married to an Alaskan made me learn more about Alaska. The weather and its daylight saving time, The sports, how to pronounce certain things like “snow machine” instead of “snowmobile” or (snow jetski?) and most important – HOW TO WALK ON ICED, FROZEN, road path parking lot.

I never paid attention on any kind of sports. Well, recently I do have sudden interest on Boxing match, that is because I watched “Cinderella Man” movie on DirectTV. I was so moved by the story and as usual, a good – based on real story movie brought me into tears. Cut sideways story short, I am rooting for Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd.

My husband always talk about Iditarod. The Sled Dog Race while I always wanted to ride on one. After 3 years of talking about it, Finally, this year I able to watch it live. Here are 2 videos taken during the Iditarod Ceremonial start in Anchorage.

Untuk pembaca di Malaysia, Iditarod is a Sled Dog Race which is held in Alaska every February. The race covering 1000miles/ 1609km trail which would be completed more than a week. Tak balik rumah tau. Macam merentas desa gitu. Tapi 2 minggu berkemah along the cold, snowy trail. Kau mampu? For more info and if you intended to gain more knowledge on Iditarod, go HERE

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Some of you might see this as animal abuse. It is not. Husky nature is being outside there and work, or run and jump non stop. Husky and snow cold is like Malaysian to the Nasik Lemak. Hari hari pun tak apa. They have so much energy that you unable to imagine so, for those who keep Husky as a pet in a SMALL APARTMENT somewhere in TROPICAL country, is animal abuse. If you see how happy the dog in my video, they were like “LET’S GO ALREADY!!” each dog has to have one handler to keep them still before the race start. Kalau tak pegang, belum apa apa dah 10 kilometer dah terbang tuan dia tu.

iditarod 2015 3

Despite of respect and amazed how strong is Husky with high endurance towards harsh arctic weather, I can’t help it but go “aawwhhhh” when I look at them in their running booties. Cute to the max. But they don’t care about cuteness. All they care is flee to the finishing line, ASAP.

iditarod 2015 2

iditarod 2015 4

Alaska is having warm winter this year and no snow can be seen on the road, especially in the city. So they had to take the snow from outside the city and covered the road in order to make the start ceremony possible. So that’s why the road look so slushy.


Coffee kat sini macam sirap bandung. Laku.

iditarod 2015 anchorage, alaska

I wish I can take a close up pictures of those racing warriors just like the billboard above. But only the handlers, sponsors and people from the news are able to cross over the rope.

iditarod 2015 6

This is the closest I can get plus camera “zoom in”.

hardrock anchorage, alaska

Hard Rock Anchorage, Alaska dah fully open. Sapa sapa nak kirim T-shirt, contact lah mak di Facebook. Hahaha.

Husky puppy alaska

iditarod 2015

Then I stumbled upon this…

Fur boots Alaska

The beauty of fur boots is out of this world! Tagged handsomely at $400 to $1000, I can forget about Chanel boots already. Mike start to shook his head like.. totally “NO” – only stupid tourist buy and wear that – said my husband. But I am not local or either tourist. So I am entitle to have this boots for my birthday this year – said the wife to the husband.

Lepas ni macam rappers la mak pakai boots bulu binatang.

bear in anchorage alaska

In Alaska, you don’t cuddle cute teddy bear. But real size stuffed grizzly bear.

4th avenue anchorage

4th Avenue Anchorage is like Bukit Bintang area di KL lah. Totally touristy area for shopping and fancy dining. However, Alaska do not have tall building through out its landscape due to the earthquake and strong wind. Walau bangunannya rendah unlike New York, it doesn’t mean tak fancy.

And then we left the downtown right at the same time as the last team left the race starting line. We continue driving around Anchorage but a little bit away from the busy center.

Point Woronzof anchorage

Mike brought me to Point Woronzof, located behind Ted Steven airport (Anchorage International Airport) runaway . I saw few cars parked here and I wonder why. Because the view here isn’t that breath taking except muddy ocean and very cold wind blowing which able to blow anything weighted below 10 kgs.

Then, I saw this.

Oh, so this is where tourist come to see incoming flight landing at Ted Steven’s airport. Apparently this point listed in “must see” list in Anchorage, Alaska.

And then we wander a little bit more. Mike showed me the place he did a Geocaching with his brother in law and then lead to frozen Little Campbell Lake.

Maybe to him this is noting. But to me, the whole frozen lake is a nature wonder and not many able to see this live except through Geographic Channel?

little campbell lake, anchorage alaska 4


little campbell lake, anchorage alaska 5

As cold as it looks, Ski park in this part of city is everywhere, macam padang bola je. So sapa sapa eksyen bebenor ambik gambar konon konon main ski dekat Jepun dan Korea tu, dah tak boleh nak impress mak lagi.

little campbell lake, anchorage alaska 2

little campbell lake, anchorage alaska 3

little campbell lake, anchorage alaska 1

little campbell lake, anchorage, alaska

Posing enam round.

and I wrap my weekends with baking cupcakes at my sister in law house.

baking the cupcake

Laugh as you want. But I find it very hard to make these cupcakes from the scratch when working with all organic  ingredients Free GMO, no sugar and no animal fat product. So I gave myself pat at the back for this effort. Except for the frosting,  I think this cupcake is the healthiest cupcake ever exist on earth surface. Healthiest. Not the most yummiest. LOL.

I am happy that I never ceased to learn something new, everyday and everywhere I go.

Live to learn and learn to live.


Anchorage, Alaska




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