Im trying to finish all my trip posts – South Island, NZ (Pt. 1)

So, I know you don’t care whether I able finish all of my posts on my almost forgotten South Island, New Zealand trip, some of you already seen it all 600 photos on my facebook’s album & wall with admiration, or jealousy. But I still want to put up on here because it’s 3a.m – I can’t sleep, and I don’t know what else to do at this hour.
Ah, before that I was busy surfing Victoria Secret’s body lotion on the net. I always love anything from Victoria Secret, including their models. Well, who doesn’t?
My boss is leaving to London today so, instead of giving her trouble figuring what to buy all for of us in her every trip, so I told her what I want. I want Victoria Secret’s body cream.

This one. It’s been in my wish list forever. Candy Baby Shimmer Swirl Cream – with the smell of sugar & warm Vanilla. Just imagine how mouthwatering I can be with it! So I texted her then found out that Victoria Secret flagship store only coming to New Bond Street’s London on 2012. Sad. So, this body cream can go back to my wish list and sit there, forever.

So, back to my almost forgotten trip post. South Island, New Zealand – where no Victoria Secret’s outlet can be found. That is me, enjoying my 1st pale breakfast in Christchurch, with no smell of Victoria Secret’s body cream.

In an attempt to stick to the lowest cost trip, my girlfriend and I chose the cheapest accommodation in Christchurch, called  PointBreak, Backpackers located at New Brighton Central.

Well, when it says “cheap”, means it is so far away from city centre and city glam. But it’s ok, there was not much glam in the city centre at that point of time anyway, not after the earth quake, not when they still didn’t fix the road & buildings. It was totally closed!

The background supposed to be a Flea Market. But it was Free & Easy MYOB trip for both of us, we woke up late, continue with curling our hair – so nothing left for us anymore. Except the sight of them repacking their stuff back into the boxes.

 New Brighton Pier. It was so windy cold. I don’t know how the girl behind me can walk with shorts. I only able to smile for a few seconds, just for my camera. That’s it.

This remind me of beaches along Great Ocean Drive, Melbourne 🙁 . Blue, icy cold, un-swimmable.

1st time I saw big Husky and felt ok with it. Although the dog is on leash instead of pulling sledge on the snow, but at least, this place cold enough for it. I hate how Malaysian and other tropical countries’ dog lovers took this dog as a pet. They are not pet. They are strong working dog. You are torturing it with your stupid apartment’s ac at 16 degree Celcius, all year round.

 Nothing much you can do in New Brighton. No big malls or awesome sightseeing or fancy architecture. One day stay at this place, will do.

Uh, they have Roxy & Quicksilver factory outlet though. So, I bought one hoodie sweater to warm me up the next day.

 We took the bus to get around the place. We need to find shopping mall to keep us alive during this trip, any trip.

 It was September, early spring in New Zealand. The flowers started to bloom everywhere. Not as great as autumn still. Freaking cold. So that’s why the flight tickets was cheap 

Waiting to embark the journey to a happy place!

Happy place – Westfield Riccarton shopping mall. It was a short happiness though! It was Sunday and they closed at 6pm! What kind of shopping mall closed at 6pm? On Sunday? Do they really know how to run a big business? All the sweet cafes in that building closed at the same time too! No muffins! No doughnuts! Urggh!

So we took the bus back to our motel. We were very afraid that the bus service end at very hours too!

We tried to spicy up our experience in Christchurch though by checking out the night life around. There are a few bars in New Brighton and people were busy watching Rugby’s match. It was All Blacks Vs Tonga, I think. Yawn.

But then we met a friend who willing to join us on our South Island trip. Yippee~!

Day 2: So left the town (town?) at 10am. All excited.

Apparently in South Island NZ, you’ve gotta leave the town to see awesome view.

The rolling hills and the sheep along the way for the first 2 hours of our trip, and few days later

We made a stop at Ashburton, for a quick grocery shopping. We cooked our own meal for the rest of the trip! Can you believe that?! Real cooking experience in South Island, NZ!

You need good muffins along your self drive trip. What to do, Im a muffin person!

Look at that yellow bushes. It come to my surprise that those bushes/ plant  or what so ever it called (seriously, I don’t know the name of it) are the unwanted plant. They been trying hard to remove it from the hills or else the sheep have no place to run & play!

It was almost dark, so we made a quick stop at – I – already – forgot – where – it – is to enjoy the sunset across the field.. it was so beautiful..

Basking under South Island sunset. Moment like this makes me happy, no matter how tired I am.

Approaching Fairlie, at last! Oh, Didn’t I tell you that we are heading to Lake Tekapo for a night? And to visit Mount Cook the next day.

It was almost dark & cold. We were hungry & tired. And now, Im starting to feel sleepy too. 4:44 am. It’s time to hit my good bed. I will continue with day 3, whenever I can’t sleep, again!



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  1. Dan Arif

    December 3, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    yeah south island offers many scenic views.. During my trip to NZ, I was supposed to visit Christchurch.. but since the earthquake occurs, changed plans to Queenstown instead.. hopefully will get the chance to travel to Christchurch in the future 🙂

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