It just. my Eid Mubarak is different than yours.

….and so my reality too.

While people prancing their new dresses and clothes, came out with all kind of theme of the year – red, yellow or rainbow colors for the whole family, talking about ketupats, rendang and weight gain, I just sit and watching. Day 16 of Eid Mubarak – I can see they are not going to stop talking about. Not until day 31.

No. Im not jealous. In fact, I got my own thing and I don’t have similar thing to show it off . But I’m thankful from any year to another, I get to celebrate Eid Mubarak in a very different way and got something different to ponder about it.

I made a very last minute decision on the last dawn of Ramadhan – to join mini school reunion on Day 3 of Eid.

Some of my schoolmates year 1988 – 1990 . The last time I saw them was in year 1990. Some after they got married few years ago, and some is like once a year? 2 of them are my teacher. Can you believe after 22 years, you still get the chance to meet your Maths and Bahasa Melayu teacher. Life is good to me at certain point. I haven’t lose many friends that I know in my life time yet. (Seems like I’ve been surrounded by a good, long life human beings). Although only 10% attended this gathering (some came after everybody’s left) but, believe me, this 10% makes 4 hours chat seems like 4 minutes. We missed each other and still funny just like we were in year 1990. They never changed a bit. Still old school friends that I knew 22 years ago, they made me feel like 22 years ago. I have no bad memories with them before, and hopefully ever after. The question “why are you still single” never came to me that day. Or, how big is your house, what type of car are you driving. All we did is reminiscing all the events and stupid funny moment we encountered back in year 1988 – 1990. Oh, I still bestfriending my bestfriend when I was 10 too. We just had coffee together just few days ago. What I tell you. You should find friend under Scorpio sign. They know the value, to value of people who ever managed to step into their life 😀

I might not have everything in this world. But friends, I always have.

After 22 years, I couldn’t believe myself that I ever stay for a night again in this house of memory…

This house and everybody that belong to this house are a few of very kind, good hearted people that I know in my life. This is the house that fostered me during some of my school weekends whenever I had no where to go. It has fire cracker red painted door and bricks and it is now still. I remember 22 years ago, this house was the most beautiful and biggest house I ever stepped into when I was young. I love the red door it has. When I left this place and growing myself into this mean, mean world, I keep remembering how red the door of this house is. In fact, Elizabeth Arden RED DOOR collections reminds me of this house. That is why I painted my apartment living room’s wall with the exact same color when I first got my own property and live with it for the past 7 years.. And now I wanted to paint the main door red, too –  in the memory of this house.

Looking up at evening sky from the house of memory’s yard, bring in thousand of memories of this place. Which is mostly sweet and I will never let it go. It’s the only purest sweet memories that still makes me smile when life’s a bitch – today


I got another call on this year Eid Mubarak too. A call to pet again. After I doubt myself to pet again. Really, having a pet is not that simple, for me. It’s a living thing you got to take care, responsible of. Give a good love and attention just like what you expected for. 

Last time I had one was, 10 years ago. Since then I never thought that I am ready for it again. All I do is  rubbing streets cats and dogs whenever I miss the feel of warm, furry feel on the palm of my hands. Whenever I miss that innocent round eyes staring back at me shouting “Love me!”.

“me: when is the the right time for me to have a pet again?

him: the answer to the right time for anything in life is always now” 

I saw them on my friend’s Facebook page;

and it struck my heart and it went “I gotta have it”. Well, initially, I wanted the grey pointed.

“there must be something that fate has arrange for you, I only manage to catch the other one”

After some thinking, I know to live alone is a painful thing. I know it well because I’ve been in it for my whole life. So, I don’t want anything that surrounds me learn the same way. I asked my friend to get me the 2nd one. “Get me the ugliest”. Because I know the ugliest always became the last one to get picked up.

Always, it always started ugly. It scratches my friend’s hands and hissing at me like a cobra. They didn’t touch the biscuits and pooped everywhere but not in litter box. They take turn to sleep inside the litter box and spilled the sand all over the places. It freaks me out and I was crying to my boyfriend and about to give up since there is no way these kittens ever love me back.

“There will always be scared feelings at any age. They’ll eventually treat you like mom. And they like to sleep in small places. Especially boxes.”

“I think that boy will grow up to be “the man” of the house. He’ll be a guard dog for sure. Only you and his sister will know his secret that he really likes to snuggle at night and be carried around like a baby. The rest of the world will think he’s a real junkyard cat.”

I am very lucky because my boyfriend always there for me and understand every problems that I’m facing with these 2 babies.

Say Hi to Bonnie (Bonito Gatito) & Clyde Mogwai.

On Day 2, I can’t stand their smell, and they woke me up on Saturday morning with their loudest meow. at 7.30am I bathe them with warm water and good kitty shampoo. Yea, I can’t believe myself that I woke up at 7.30am and, bathe the cat?

Got them all cleaned up and dry. Fed them and I continue back to sleep 🙂

They pooped at behind of my TV cabinet too 🙁

a cat and a Litter box
a cat and a Litter box (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 3: I changed their cage to the biggest 3 storey cage. They are no longer hissing at me. They pooped in litter box and let me took them up without me having to stretch my arms underneath the sofa 🙂

They posed for me too 🙂

Yes. I put their pictures and updates on Tumblr. ( No body care about whatso ever pictures I put up on Tumblr until Bonnie. He has the most talk of the town!

Bonnie even captured celebrity’s heart and reblogged his cute face 🙂

 and I love her tag “Don’t go for second best baby, put your love to the test”. It was the very 1st song by Madonna that I enjoyed singing in the shower when I was 13. I still remember the lyrics until now.

“What you need is a big strong hand
To lift you to your higher ground
Make you feel like a queen on a throne
Make him love you till you can’t come down

So if you want it right now, make him show you how
Express what he’s got, oh baby ready or not
Express yourself.
You’ve got to make him
Express himself”

Thanks to Madonna, when I look back, I really took her lyrics as a good advice for me to run my life.

and as for Clyde Mogwai.. um.. well.. It’s okay… I still love you the same you cute ugly face!

I heard the bell ball chiming now. Must be them wake up and playing. I got to snuggle them before my sleep, now.

till then, Meow!

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