It’s a S.A.L.E ladies and girlssss.

Never believe in full price.

Now I want to make use and share of all those sms-es of a SHOPPING PARTY’s reminders and invitations in my mobile inbox to all ladies and girly girls out there in here. I will try to put it in my blog in advance so that all of you can enjoy the benefit of saving with style. Not to mention the frustration of being end up with large size of your favorite outfit, just bcuz you are the last person to know about the “party”.

To those who self proclaimed – A shopaholic, Trendy babe, MisShopAlot and whatever close to it, here is a little info about present and future hot bargain and sale around KL. So YOU (you know who you are) keep checking it out here if you dont want to miss the size ‘S’.

La Senza : 18 – 21 June @ La Senza KLCC only and save up to 40%. Prestige members receive additional 10% on nett purchase.

MNG: NOW~!! until whenever they want to extend it. Save up to 50%

Here is the peek what happened in the store today (MNG Sunway Pyramid).

and I made my pink purchases today unconciously. Pink stripe top, Pink /grey stripe work dress and light pink sexy knee length dress for an upcoming occassion.

And I back to sober mode after I reached home and my purse feel very flat.

So ladies? Go get your self a little therapy and please remember.. dont over do it.

and for now, I go try on my new purchases once again. Heeee…



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  1. iriene

    June 18, 2009 at 3:17 am

    I read ur transformer post. Very Interesting & stylo mylo! So, did u get the tickets? Do drop by my blog..
    I had just clicked Corntoz ads on ur blog 😀

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