Japan, Osaka – Baby, It’s cold outside Pt. 3

Finally, Im writing the end of 1st part of Japan Trip. 2 parts left, 6 posts to go! Urgghhh.. Malasnya. Anyways, you can look up to Kosmo News Paper, next week Thursday for the whole story. I will be featured in their ‘Destinasi’ center spread. Ehem.

Where were we? Ah, finished our lunch at Takimi Lane of Restaurants around 1. It was rainy and cold 🙁 but we still stick to our original plan – to visit Osaka Castle..

So, Bye bye Umeda Sky Building.

We walked back to Westin Hotel to catch our FREE shuttle bus back to Umeda Station. And I found A store brand called Jesus Diamente. I don’t know why they named it like that. I thought they are selling dresses and accessories for you to go to church or something. Ha. But then I came to know that  Jesus Diamente is a Himegyaru brand that is THE princess brand. You can be all princessy you want regardless what is your age with this brand.

In Japan, It’s all about fashion and who you wanna be. There is no restriction and area code when you want to put on a dress, it is just you and “I feel pretty” moment. Their men don’t criticise how their ladies wear stuff in Japan. They seems understand  the need to look pretty in every girls. They don’t give away cynical look to over dressed (I don’t think there is no such term of ‘over dressed’ in Japan), and I think their girls never understand what is “pervert, lusty stare” like we girls encounter here in Malaysia.

While we are busy adorn the wedding cakes with roses and petals, they wearing it on their feet. Cantik kalau buat hantaran kasut nie 😀

Ah, for those who looking for exquisite yet rare Barang Hantaran, you should do the shopping in Japan. They have everything that makes the dulang looks good without you need to decorate it.

Ok, back to Osaka Castle. Heee.. I made a quick stop at Westin Hotel’s concierge and asked their friendly staff the direction to go to Osaka Castle and where is Willer Express Bus Station (because we are taking a journey to Tokyo by bus on the next day) He didn’t disappoint me at all. 

So, we went back to Osaka Subway Station. It was 1 hour past afternoon.

It was a very busy hour! One thing I noticed about people in Japan. No matter how crowded the place is, I found no body odor! yays!

Taking a coffee break before we continue our sightseeing.

FYI, shopping malls, shops and everything is available at Osaka’s train station. Be it sub way or top ground way (?) they have it all. It’s like, you don’t need to book a full day shopping tour package like Malaysian normally did in Bandung and Ho Chi Minh. In Osaka, you live your day with shopping malls 365days a year.

and oh, in Osaka, I learned that we only can choose 02 sauces and 03 veggies for your footlong Subway’s sammich!  🙁  Stingy!

If Im not mistaken (see? I forgot everything already) we made a stop at Kyobashi station and walk our ass up to the Castle.

If you starting to get lost,  look down on a pathway and you will get a clue sign that you are closer your destination.

When I 1st arrive, I thought I was at Osaka Castle already.  But I don’t know it was just an outer part of the castle. Urgghh. The castle was surrounded by secondary citadels, gates, turrets, impressive stone walls and moats. The stone walls is so impressive it made me think it is a castle. Bleah.

My dslr starting to have a flu due to cold, wet weather. It started to give a bloom effect in every shot.

But, sorry maam, you need to walk up for another 1 kilometer just to pass the main gate.

After limping away for 10 minutes in a cold, rainy weather, I finally made my way to the main gate. Fuck that  ALDO boots. It hurts like a bitch.

So I let Mike walked ahead of me, since it was almost 5.00pm. And the castle close at 5.00pm. I told him I couldn’t make it, and I know he wanted to see the Castle upclose since he’s already here, in Osaka. So, while he was running to the Castle main tower.. I slowly walk alone and took few pictures.

..and after another 30 excruciating painful minutes, I finally saw the roof of Osaka Castle’s main tower.

and I thought I missed it all, like my friends and Mike already inside the tower enjoying cup of warm tea or something. 🙁

But it turned out they just standing at the base of the main tower and Mike, like a grumpy grampa saying something like~“I’m not going to pay just to see fluorescent lamp inside that castle. They probably change many stuff inside there. No way” LOL That’s grumpy.

So, realized that I didn’t miss out anything, so I took a time to take a picture at the entrance gate  (which no fee requires). LOL. So Im done.

The castle is beautiful. I can imagine if I pay a visit during Sakura’s blossom. It will be Heaven like. Even without Sakura and much leaves, I can write a poem about this Castle while taking its pictures.. too bad my ankle hurts too much so my emotional creativity end there.
Last but not least, with me in it 🙂
OSAKA, JAPAN - APRIL 09:  Cherry blossoms bloo...
OSAKA, JAPAN – APRIL 09: Cherry blossoms bloom in front of Osaka Castle on April 9, 2012 in Osaka, Japan. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Back to hotel after sad dinner (some salad and mashed potatoes in Japanese mayonnaise, as well as cuppa warm tea (No picture, nothing fancy about it)

..and a self made Onsen back in my hotel room to wash out my tired body and sore feet. For tomorrow is going to be another hardcore walking.

and Mike is busy with his laundry. haha.

Next day..

Visit Universal Studios Japan.

Well, not really hardcore sightseeing, it just the drizzling rain make it hard to the core 🙁

Took necessary pictures with rotating Universal Studios Globe. I make it look like it was fine and sunny and warm in this picture. Yes, I have to keep my eyes open for a few second for the sake of this shot out. But, the real situation at that moment was

Rain coats and umbrellas were everywhere, okay? Brrrrrrr @!#$%^&*($#@!

and crazy wet queue for the admission pass. Semangat cekal okay…

Cute little Japanese girl in rain coat..

Cute Japanese girl in a little rain coat..

the cutest little Japanese girl but no rain coat.

Meet Shrek and Fiona and my hair is all wet 🙁

Abby from Sesame Street

Mike was checking cavity in Cookie Monster’s wide mouth.

and he keep on doing Cookie Monster’s face since then.

“Spiderman, Spiderman 
Friendly neighborhood Spiderman” 

Wild twin on the loose.

Japanese triplet skipped school 

Crazy head accessories try outs (Free!)
Tangkapan untuk hari itu.

Universal Studios Japan is the 1st Universal studios I ever been to. I came to know every Universal Studios is different from one another. I don’t know about the one in Singapore, or Gold Coast, but in Japan it has 11 main play zones which are;

1. Shrek

2. Space Fantasy

3. Terminator 2
4. Spiderman

5. Back to The Future

6. Backdraft (heyyy.. I missed this one. WTF?)
7.Jurassic Park (tunjuk tapak kaki T-Rex je. hehe)

8. Waterworld (meh)
9. Jaws

10. Snoopy Studios (meh)
11. Hollywood Dream

Anyways, I must be too old already. I don’t find it very exciting while spending tonnes of hours in this theme park. Maybe it is more fun if I visit here when I was 7 or 11. 

I mean, how a sesame street 4D can enthrall an adult like me when I know I need work my ass off to pay my credit cards once I got back la?

I end this post with few random pictures taken at Universal Studios Japan.

Or maybe it’s time for me to take a serious ride next time I visit a theme park.

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