July, july..

Yeap, obviously July always has something sweet to ponder for as long as I can remember. It always happened that July is the one month I spent the time out (a lot) with another human being.

July – is where I come to meet up with my posse every weekend of the month.

July 1

in the club or over some coffee table for never ending hot, steamy, mind disturbing issues behind each other’s shell. “Luncheon with the best” according to Linda. Best friends & best food, followed with the best shopping spree with these lovelies is THE BEST moment I ever had in 2011. I swear that I am willing to give up multiple orgasm for this moment. That’s the best way to describe this, I guess.

luncheon at oneworld



Yummeh in July 2011


Experiencing Malaysia on big sale with girlfriends.

A week before that I was at BlackCat Tatto Studio, Sunway to watch a young friend to get his 1st ever ink. It was my 1st experience to watch the process from shaving his chest until he put back on his shirt. I still can’t believe that he got his chest stained with colors even though he told me about it 4 months ago, even before his birthday. I never knew it was the day. Luckily I always bring my Big Boi around, so I manage to capture t(his) memorable day. I don’t know why I was a bit sad about it (this explain why his old man will strangle him back in Seoul, someday), but since it was very meaningful to him. So I just sat there and watch it done.

mj tattoo 060

I never knew someone so up close in making decision for something permanent looks so easy. Or, maybe because he’s still young. It is normal for me to be surrounded with people who is gambling or always on “try & error” before they reach the decision of doing something for themselves, mine included. In fact, I was so believed that deciding on something permanent is never a big deal and zero regrets. Because it always something to do with what you want, straight from your heart and of course, meaningful thus, makes you happy. I thought I did it once, decided on something that I thought it’s going to be permanent, but turned out that it only lasted for a year. Pathetic.


mj tattoo 051

Or, to some people – it is worth the pain & agony to have a mark, any marks in their life. I dont have tattoo, that tells story about me, but I do have few irremovable “scars” in me. It is not something that I want but I guess that is how universe has arranged it for me, and it makes me, me -  the one that I am now.

mj tattoo 104

“Welcome to my life, tattoo
We’ve a long time together, me and you
I expect I’ll regret you
But the skin graft man won’t get you
You’ll be there when I die
Tattoo” ~ The Who.


I scheduled my life that I got to leave this country for a few days, thrice in a year and tried to make vacation part of me. You know being adult is a stressful job but never used it as an excuse. People keep telling me that my life is easy just because I am “single”- less responsibility, more time, extra space. Man, that is the most prejudice accusation that I always get. What defines “single” and “coupled” or “married” or “partnered” ? Peoples keep whining to me that they have to send their kids to school & extra class all year round, bearing certain household expenses alone and no time to enjoy the tv-couch moment with their loved ones – that sounds pretty much single to me. I don’t know why these peoples unable to tell the difference between life sharing and being a door mat. Holding hands, sharing that king size bed & blanket, making babies and all other stuff is not a life sharing until you share all the stuff that makes you whine! And if you really SHARE with your partner, other half, bf, what ever you want to define him/her, then other people who is not sharing life with you won’t be able to hear your whine at the 1st place. Geddit? SO – WHOEVER WHINE THE MOST IS SINGLE TO ME. ..and this is what single people do;


single 1

We left the house for few days and sleep somewhere else in the city with our favorite person. (if you have kids, leave them to your partner/bf/husband)


We do the cupcakes toast on the bed after coming back from stressful work. We eat all sinful food and gained few kilos along the stay but still feel great about it. (If your partner/bf/husband complaints, just slap him on his mouth)


We spent ridiculous amount of money on frappucino with the girlfriends over the weekends and talk about clothes, skincare, shoes, penis and how easy our single life is. (Your partner/bf/husband do this all the time it just they have quite different topics – soccer, boobs and alcohol)

faces horz

…and we camwhore a lot because we feel good about our face & hair.


Oh, anyway, I wanna thank my girlfriend who invited me to a vacation in the city from Wednesday till Saturday on 3rd week of July. I owe you much love.

Girlfriend 019


I sent my resignation letter on 15th July and heading to a place that I finally able to do something that I love. July~ I got to know that my dream guy is finally coming  – it makes my heart sing..

July… July… I lived my teenage dream in this July too. I never imagined that I ever experience teenage dream come to live at this age where I can hardly see dreams in my sleep. It was the sweetest and I am more than ready to move forward to the next phase of life and embrace to whatever may come. Never looked back. Thanks boo.

Today, it has been a year since I lost you…and now I am smiling.. how I wish you knew.

July 2011- I am all healed.


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  1. ken

    July 25, 2011 at 3:52 am

    i dont have and will never have a tattoo on my body 🙂

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