Kaypoh Bastard

I know how freaky social networking site can be. You can meet the freakiest, nastiest, horniest, filthiest, brainless type of people without leaving your house, and yet they can encroach your privacy like a roach to an open (wiped, without water at all) crotch. I know this isn’t a new issue, but I wanna share what’s mine anyway. 

I’ve joined this sns (social networking site) for about 2 months, just to put my blog link, in order to share all the goodies I had in here (since Im not a blogwalking type, I just put my bloglink in some sns and it’s up to any of you to click it or not)

Everything went pretty normal like you know, guys adding u, asking for email or id for chat & phone number.. and it’s up to you to answer them, reject them, or just keep it silent because hey, it’s all about preferences and choices oke? And for those who’s gentlemen enough, they accept the fact that the lady wasn’t interested. Until one fucking day ;


I was like? What the hell? Then I came to accept that, some of them are fats, mid 40’s, ugly, big belly, losers & all – that was why I put the note of “IF U HAVE SEX IN MIND – DON’T BOTHER TO ADD ME”. So there, it was crystal clear, clearer than any pre ejaculated semen that you losers always had.
So, before I blocked him, I posted a bulletin, as a reminder to the rest. A lady can do the dirty talk once ignited;


There. Did I turned u on already? I mean seriously, u can’t simply barge into people’s inbox just because u had women’s genetalia addictive syndrome stuffed into your useless brain. If you can’t hold it anymore, no time to withdraw few dollars out of your ATM to pay some cheap whore, at least, pick the right one. There are so many choices for you to have your yanking moment under your keyboard to such these –  available in that sns! ;

girl1 girl 2 girl3 girl4

Take your pick! All offering very good profile picture, ready to to fulfill your fantasies which, in the end, u must realized that what a loser u are ejaculating in front of these picture while these girls savoring real cock which is definitely not yours!

Then came this kaypoh bastard, sending me his ignorant messages to my inbox 1 after another which made me think :

1) Was it him (in his another account?) U know, men always have this alter ego thingy even when creating sns account.
2) Is that bastard is his bestfriend, relative or maybe his fucking buddy? (Men are so sick these days, they don’t mind fucking each other assholes when they ran out of cheap pussies.)
3) Or he just being judgmental just because I refuse to cover my hair like his mom do?

Well, HELLO! “Seeing is believing” isn’t applicable in this 21st century anymore! If you judging my profile picture of this;


is worth all the genetalia curses u might think I deserves (Just because of my hair beautifully flowing, uncovered, thus inviting bad ones), then how about this?

Sorry kepada sesiapa yg bertudung, this is nothing against you. I just wanted to educate those Asian men, especially Malays, in judging what is to see and what is to believe. Just shut the fuck your mouth up when u yourself enjoying to watch these girls grabbing their own boobs rather than giving advice to someone who already looked down on u!

What’s wrong with my tagline? I clearly said “IF U HAVE SEX IN MIND – DON’T BOTHER TO ADD ME”. It has nothing to do with ones maturity when you clearly put the message out. It doesn’t take a high level sense of psychological thinking to differentiate my tagline with “FREE PUSSY GIVEAWAY” tagline.

Yea, because you are a typical moron melayu. U are the type who let everyone says anything about u without realizes that you have the right to correct them and those words only came from people who had zero self respect. So u just let people messing around with u in the name of  “Kebebasan Menulis?” U are such a disgrace of Tourism Malaysia (If u are really Tourism Malaysia staff!)

Oh, now he’s criticizing the number of viewer? Hello, I just joined in May 2010, and my profile with IMMATURE TAGLINE has succeed and surpassed your pathetic “call me monkey” profile which I believed was created 9 months ago?

Just admit that u do have the same idea as other ordinary mid 40’s bastard who use sns to get laid. You are too frustrated with my IMMATURE TAGLINE and try to come up with some kind of reversed psychology “I don’t care people call me monkey” advice. Man, YOU –  are a MONKEY indeed.




  1. Lizz

    July 13, 2010 at 1:19 am

    Ugh! Men who do that are so gross. 🙁 I hate social networking because of all the pervs who send random hook-up messages.

  2. Aan Andes

    July 13, 2010 at 8:59 am

    How true! Apa masalah derang with ur tagline? very judgmental but I guess men yg masuk sns ni mmg hoping to get laid? hehehe

    Anyway OMG, the utube. Such a disgrace. Come on woman! Why u act like that, even for main2 pun, so inappropriate. And with melatah ‘burit’ lagi. Adoi! My father dulu, I cakap ‘bodoh’ pun kena sepak ok.


    July 13, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    He is a psycho person! Just ignore him.

  4. redzwanie redzmann

    July 13, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    kat tagged mmg rmi laki2 mcm 2..
    tr0k bt0l~!gliii..=p

  5. ken

    July 13, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    people are hiding behind the internet to do weird things these days =/

  6. Independent Queen

    July 24, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    @Lizz: Exactly!
    @Aan Andes: Get laid is one thing, harassment is 2nd thing.. nak FREE tu tak tahan tuu..
    @TOLANIC: blocked already!
    @Nina Nurziana: yea! wtf!
    @redzwanie redzmann: Mcm sarang pelacuran lelaki pulak kan..?
    @ken: only sick people did that!

  7. Dange

    October 4, 2010 at 11:58 pm


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