Last day in KK

This gonna be damn boring post.
Told you…Im draggin my finger to punch in and posting and attaching all the materials inside here. But one thing about blog ler.. when you passby your own blog, read back the old posts, and suddenly the feeling of wanna share more to strangers out there rushes in. I try to keep it very simple and not so much braggin on this page tho (ehemm.. excuse nia.. the truth is~i am lazy).
Hey, hey.. sorry because of no “Gong Xi Fa Cai” posting tho. It’s not like I dont care since Im not celebrating it, well, to tell the truth, i never enjoy any celebration even Hari Raya ler.. (sign of getting old appear very clearly here..) I am celebrating life.. yea. But im not into the ermmss.. seasonal , festivity celebrations i guess….In fact my closet can tell very much about me, I got plenty nice Kebayas and dresses to attend Wedding Invitation, dinner and such, but not “baju raya”.
So, to recap my previous episode on the KK FAM trip 2008 – Beringgis Resort, spacie room. Shangri-la Tg Aru, gorgeous hotel and with lotsa good food (and lilies too), Sutera Harbour – big window, view to orangey sky and Manukan Island whr i got my skin burnt (hate it). Oh, I did not mention my lovely experience at their Mandara Spa. I refused to post my picture in white towel & getting massage from a cute girl in here. Sorry. and last but not least – Klias River Safari – boring monkeys.
And here I spent my last day, at Nexus Karambunai~ Some Say It’s Heaven**

Nexus Karambunai Hotel Lobby

Way to my room. This is Ocean Wing. For Borneo Villa, I forgot to snap a pic coz.. enjoy the buggy ride too much 😛

Nexus beach, summer time.. ehs.. no… in the afternoon…

Their well renowned Borneo Spa, this is only the lobby. sigh. wish I could try their spa menu here …

Once again.. my biggie room, for such 1 small person like me. Looks like big enuff to throw pyjamas party with my girlfriends.

Hehe.. big wide smile after warm bath and warm robe.. this is right after came back from that bloody river safari.

My room from the ghost (pervert) view…

Nexus beach at 6.00am

Yeah. I miss KL. Seriously. The work, deadlines, shouting at my work mates, long hour in the office,traffic jam…and online games. Can clearly see not so many things to cheer about on my last day here in KK as well as this post..because my heart was not totally there anymore.

Yep..I guess I am NOT the type of person who listen to the wind, bird’s chirping and ocean waves. Life in KL turned me into chaotic heartless b!tch…
Gong Xi Fa Cai anyway.



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