Lazy Cook – No Bake Cake in A Mug – The Verdict


Lately I saw a lot of post and video on No Bake Cake in a Mug. First, I was lazy to pay attention to it because to me it’s disgusting. As far as I know, when it comes to baking, be it cake, cookies and bread, you have to follow the measurement real exact and you have to beat the mixture real well. In fact, if you beat it in a wrong direction, the result will be disaster. Baking is totally different than cooking. You still can fix the thing that you cook even it’s already in your plate, ready to eat. But that can’t be applied into baking.

But then, the other side of me keeps on taunting me to try it. Although it appear disgustingly ridiculous, the whole concept fits me as a lazy cooker. So I decided to go on with the experiment. I want to prove that no bake cake in a mug is just a joke. Plus, it only requires very little ingredient since it is only for a mug. So, I was thinking, it won’t be that bad to toss it out into the garbage bin if its turned as what I expected – a disaster.

So, I took the recipe that I saw on my facebook feed by this malay girl since it appear TOO SIMPLE.


2 TB Flour
2 TB Castor Sugar
2 TB Cocoa (I used Hershey unsweetened bar, double boiler)
3 TB Fresh Milk
1 TB Vegetable Oil
1 TS Baking powder
1 Egg
Mix all in and stir well. Cook in Microwave for 3 MINUTES

*TB : Table spoon / TS : Tea spoon

Cake in a mug


Cake in a mug 1

I peeked through microwave window and saw the mixture rose from the cup like seeing a magic trick show by David Copperfield. Oh Em Gee, it does work. My heart singing and planning to do this for Mike every day since he loves chocolate cake.
I took it out after 3 minutes. The smell is good. Just like the one you baked. So I waited a little while for it to cool off and poke it with fork.

Cake in a mug 2


Cake in a mug 3



It’s hard and tasted like fertilizer. I KNEW IT! If you don’t beat the mixture with electric mixer, you won’t get a soft, fluffy cake! Except for brownies or steam cake. Plus, using microwave? Even plain water taste shitty if you heat it with microwave. Talk about cake! In fact, I have experience reheating pizza and bread using microwave and it turn into hard stone so quick even dogs refused to eat. So, I started to question the person who created this recipe at the first place. Does his/ her tongue dead, share the recipe on internet proudly? S/he must be young hipster teenager chef wannabe.

Jadi, kalau tak percaya, sila lah cuba. Kalau sedap, gebu gebas, sila la bangkang keputusan experimen aku ni. Dengan kata lain, tak payah la kome buat kek dalam mug pakai microwave ni. Masak meggi tuang air panas pun lagi sedap dari kek masak pakai microwave ni lah!


If you don’t believe me, you are welcome to try. If it turn out to be soft and fluffy complete a taste like pilsbury’s, kindly refute me. In other words, just forget about the whole easy no bake cake in a mug thing. 2 minutes Maggi with hot boiled water is even tastier than this microwaved cake.

What a waste of time.



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