Life’s a Party.

“Someone said life is a party. You join in after it’s started and leave before it’s finished”

Ella Bday

But it work backward when it comes to office. I always reached after everybody’s started and leave 2nd last…eh, apa pulak.. it was exactly what it is!!! arggh. It applies to my working life very damn well. I know it sounds very bad, but once I started get my hands on the computer, emails & papers, I don’t even have time for a loo. Fully occupied & stressed. That’s how I stay in shape. The result will be tripled if you sit in Finance department. Guaranteed.


Forget about work. it will surely end the day we die. Was at my girlfriend’s birthday(s) within a week and I feel like I am a partyholic. Dang, how they did every weekends and ladies night? Don’t ask me. I can’t and I won’t. Ah, I think I’m too old. Anyway, here I am, just the right time to let my hair down.


ella bday1

The theme was black & white with little bit of red, or black or white plus red, or black, blue and white and birthday girl got to wear a tad of red.. arggh, I can’t figure it out though because one of us turned up with dark blue.

ella bday2

Surprisingly I looks good in white. Heh. I think everybody’s looks good in white. I swear big time in September last year that I will never came to this place again – the sound system’s suck, the crowd is lame, all they played was rock, rock, rock. There was no sound of Jamie Foxx or Usher here. But for a friend, I willing to make it happen even if it’s a dump site.

ella bday3

What I tell you? It was rock, rock, rock 🙁 But I was enjoying taking pictures though 🙂

ella bday4

It’s so colorful!

ella bday5

..and she got surprise stage glam blowout candles for the night~! Glam babe, glam! Haha.

ella bday6

..and urgghh.. I have to wake up early for work next Monday morning! This is very unusual for me, I definitely turned down any party invitation on Sunday night. But for a friend, everything is possible!


Next 3 days, we were at BBC (Borneo Barok Club) for another birthday celebration.

Nik Bday 023

I never been here before, but it is a cozy, pretty club. Vast car park area at RM7.00 per entry (yea, that’s all I care) It has big chandelier hanging above the dance floor, walls were adorned with black curtains and bamboo. It’s not any better than Sultan @ Mandarin Oriental, but the posh concept is there. You able to sit down & chat, not too noisy before the live band performs, it just, since it was held on the CNY eve, the club management acting like Beruk a bit lah. It made one or two guests left before they manage to enter the club! So exclusive is it…

Nik Bday 005

They played a couple of R&B, so, they got my attention.

Nik Bday 034

Hotties with cupcakes. My friend was so bad. She told me she bought only 8 cupcakes just for us. Lucky she didn’t put the sign like “this cupcakes only for 6 of us. The rest of you eat that big square chocolate cake. TQ” Memang tak ikhlas sungguh. But she did bought it extra like 8. yea. It is obvious the theme was red & black, or red and black with a little bit of white and jeans.. uh, anything lo.

Nik Bday 035

“Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance”

As quoted at the beginning of the post, I did left early, before the party ended. My eyes hurts so bad, because I really can’t take the smoke inside. I really don’t know when the clubs in KL will implement free smoking zone just like Singapore and the rest of the other country. I guess club really bad for health in Malaysia, or at least, for me, now 🙁 in other words, I can consider to quit it already!


This boring post can end now. Really boring till I wanna shove my head into toilet bowl or something. I need sun, ocean breeze and my banana smootie. I need vacation.

….and oh,


Happy BELATED Chinese New Year~!!! hahahahha. That is part of my collection for rabbit year. Yeap, I got the cutest ang bao packets in town!!! You have meh??????





  1. Mr Strider

    February 10, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    looks like ur really having fun where the location??mcm kat quattro pun ade..anyway that another nice picture u take..u really know how to make the pic look live n intersting..hehehe 🙂


  2. Independent Queen

    February 11, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    @Mr_Strider: Boleh lah… dah jemu pun ada haha… but I do love to take pictures. Kata org, bila sepenuh hati, mmg hasilnya mencurk hati yg lain2 juga.. eh, ye ke? *perasan*

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